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Max Verstappen: Technical problems at the 24h Le Mans race

Max Verstappen was already on his way to victory in the virtual 24-hour race at Le Mans. But then the servers went on strike and the F1 world champion had to give up. Verstappen then described the event as a "clown show".

During the winter break, most Formula 1 drivers seek peace from the public and a break from racing. Not so Max Verstappen. Even on vacation, the Dutchman can't keep his hands off the steering wheel. Even if he can only do virtual racing in the cold season.

At the first big SimRacing event of the year, the virtual edition of the 24h race of Le Mans, Verstappen started together with Jeffrey Rietveld, Luke Browning and Diogo Pinto for "Team Redline". The Formula 1 star took the lead for the quartet right from the start.

With seven hours left on the clock, the Verstappen car had already gained a lead of more than a minute when the technology suddenly went on strike. The pilot was disconnected from the server without warning and was unable to continue his journey. When the technology finally came back up, the car had dropped back to 17th place and was one lap behind.

Verstappen mad at the organizer

An hour and a half later the connection was cut again. With no chance of a top position, Verstappen then decided to give up. The organizers had had to interrupt the race twice before with a red flag because they suspected attacks on the servers.

Verstappen was clearly frustrated. "They can't even control their own game," lamented the F1 champion on his Twitch stream. "This is the third time I've been kicked out during the race. It was the last time I competed here. It's just a joke."

The anger was also so great because, according to Verstappen, two months of preparation had gone into the 24-hour race. In the past few years, problems had repeatedly arisen that were beyond the control of the participants. The Dutchman suggested that the organizers use a different sim racing software in the future and say goodbye to the "rfactor2" racing game.

"It was just a disaster," Verstappen complained. "The Le Mans organization should ask themselves what they want for the future. It's just a clown show on this platform. I'll never take part in it again and that's solely because of their incompetence. I hope a lot of people will follow me and we can build something beautiful somewhere else because we teams, brands and drivers deserve it."


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