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Massa vs. Hamilton: Bad blood after crossing the finish line

Massa vs. Hamilton
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F elipe Massa and Lewis Hamilton will probably no longer be friends in this life. It has now been almost four years since the Englishman snatched the World Cup title from under his nose in the last corner of the legendary World Cup final in Sao Paulo. Since then they have met more often on the track.

First duel on Saturday

This season, the tête-à-tête in Monaco was particularly memorable. At that time, Hamilton roughly pushed the Ferrari driver into the guardrails in the tunnel. In Singapore, the two had already grown closer on Saturday on the track. In qualifying, the two dueled completely unnecessarily in the warm-up lap for the better starting position. 'That hurt both of us,' groaned Massa.

After the race on Sunday, the little Brazilian 's mood was even worse. Again he had clashed with his favorite opponent. On lap twelfth, Hamilton tried to overtake somewhat optimistically and crashed into the rear of the Ferrari. The McLaren lost parts of its front wing. Massa was even worse off with a flat tire on the right rear.

Hamilton refuses to speak

'He just hit my rear wheel on the straight. He destroyed my race', grumbled Massa afterwards. Despite the drive-through penalty, Hamilton crossed the finish line in fifth place. For Massa only ninth place and two meager points remained. After the race Massa tried to confront his opponent in the accident. But Hamilton just ignored him, which didn't improve the mood at Massa.

'The important thing is that the FIA ​​looks at it and keeps punishing him for driving like that. He just doesn't get it. Me tried it, but he doesn't listen to me. Maybe his father has to try it. That way he'll never be world champion. He always tries to play Superman. In the race that could have resulted in a bad accident, 'raged the 30- Year olds in front of the TV cameras.

Whitmarsh defends Hamilton

In the interview area he grabbed Hamilton by the arm again and whispered a sarcastic 'good job' at him. The McLaren driver replied just as rudely: 'Don't touch me.' McLaren team boss Martin Whitmarsh then tried to take the edge off the duel. 'It's pretty hot here. And certainly in the car too. In this sport isjust a lot of passion. I think Lewis reacted correctly. '

The Englishman defended his driver.' I think it was a normal racing accident. It was definitely not an easy decision for the race management. 'Whitmarsh praises the fighting spirit of Hamilton.' He could have just given up and gone home. But he did some spectacular overtaking maneuvers today. '


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