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Massa on the competition: & # 34; Mercedes is the best car & # 34;

Massa about the competition
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W illiams had to be in Barcelona on Friday (02/20/2015) Change the program. Actually, long runs were planned for the afternoon. Because of the uncertain weather forecast at the weekend, Felipe Massa did a few quick laps with less fuel and soft tires.

That wasn't quite enough at the best time. The Brazilian missed Daniel Ricciardo's top mark by almost a tenth. Even behind Kimi Raikkonen, he finished 3rd in the ranking. 'Ferrari and Red Bull put in good lap times. I still believe that the Mercedes is the best car. But we are in.'

Williams changes test program

A final one Massa does not want to allow himself a judgment yet. 'Only when everyone does a proper qualifying test can more be said. That will probably only be ready in Australia.' On the last two days of testing of the first week in Barcelona, ​​the findings will probably be limited. Rain is announced for Saturday. Because of the forecast, Williams changed the program.

Felipe Massa starts in the morning, in the afternoon Valtteri Bottas takes over the cockpit. The day's content is also already fixed. Because not much knowledge can be gathered on a wet track, pit stops should be practiced instead. The tire change team from the team base in Grove was flown in for this purpose.

Important technology updates for the last week of testing

Williams has yet to do without updates. A new underbody, new side wind deflectors and a new rear wing with a central support will only be available for the last week in Barcelona. That is why setup work was on the agenda on Friday. 'We have now understood the car better. I think we are on the right track and have potential,' said Massa.

Compared to last year's car, progress can be felt: 'The car is more stable The rear axle. The traction is better. We were able to work on a few weaknesses, but still have a lot of work to do. In terms of the engine, we still do not drive all the new developments. We have to see what we do in Melbourne. ' /p>


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