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Massa and Perez think positively: & # 34; Make the most of the circumstances & # 34;

Massa and Perez think positively
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B With these conditions you don't chase a dog outside the door. Not much was missing and it would have snowed in Barcelona. Despite the adverse conditions, Felipe Massa and Sergio Perez cracked the 100-lap mark. 'We made the best of a bad day,' Perez tried to think positively.

The Mexican completed exactly 100 laps. 'We were able to forget the morning. It got better in the afternoon. At least we were able to try out the different tires, from bad weather tires to intermediates to dry tires. For me, it is important to get to know my new car under all operating conditions.'

Ferrari's first race distance

Felipe Massa has been at Ferrari since 2006. The Brazilian had other priorities. 'We drove a race distance in the afternoon, the first ever in this test winter,' said Massa. The Ferrari successfully completed the 66 lap distance. At the end of the endurance run, the gasoline was deliberately run out.

In total, Massa completed 112 laps, only beaten by Lewis Hamilton one lap more. 'The reliability is right. The car always feels better. In terms of tire wear, I can say: We are definitely no worse than the competition.'

One more day of testing to Melbourne

Still question marks remain. Massa will test another day before heading to Melbourne. 'That's what we have and we have to live with it. The others are no better either. I don't know where we are. I don't know where the others stand.'

'Red Bull will be fast, but you don't have to be a prophet to predict it. They had a fast car last year, the rules haven't changed much, so they'll be at the front again this time. What matters to us is that we're much better off than when we were same point in time a year ago. '

McLaren with less information than hoped

Sergio Perez also swims when you want to hear predictions from him:' We are fast. How fast 'I don't know. We're going to Melbourne with less information than we'd like. I can only hope it will be dry on my last day of testing. I have to try different setups. Last week we got lost with the setup. Now we have to find out if we found a solutionhave. '

In addition, McLaren is bringing new parts to Barcelona on Saturday. Perez expects answers from this:' We have to find out how the developments work. You could make all the difference in Melbourne. There's no point in getting upset that we're running out of time. We just have to make the best of the circumstances. '


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