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Marussia fails FIA crash test: test finals are canceled

Marussia fails crash test
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T imo Glock is a poor dog. After a year of disaster in 2011, the new season begins with a severe setback for the Odenwälder. On Monday (February 27th) the last crash test required to homologate the new Marussia racer for the 2012 season was on the agenda. As the team announced in the evening, disappointed, the result did not satisfy the FIA ​​examiners.

The new MR01 had previously passed 17 of 18 required crash tests without any complaints. But failing once is enough. The world association has shown no mercy on this point since this season. Only those who survive all the stress tests are allowed to test the new car on the racetrack.

'Of course it's a shame that we can't test in Barcelona,' said Glock on Tuesday. 'The car is completely new and our team is particularly efficient compared to others. And safety now takes precedence over all other aspects.'

MR01 test in Barcelona is canceled

Actually, Marussia wanted to completely assemble the new car right after the crash test in order to complete the shakedown on Thursday at the Circuit de Catalunya and finally collect the first kilometers. But now the team had to cancel the entire last week of testing in Barcelona at short notice.

Since the start of development last summer, there had been several delays. After the separation from the former head of technology Nick Wirth, a new engineering team had to be built up around Pat Symonds.

In the past, development work was carried out exclusively on the computer, but the wind tunnel is now used again. Marussia has also been working closely with McLaren since the fall, which certainly led to delays in the MR01 project at the beginning of the partnership.

False start for Timo Glock

The drama ended shortly before the start of the official winter tests, when the team surprisingly had to cancel the first week of testing in Jerez. In the second week the old car was used to give rookie Charles Pic a little more Formula 1 kilometers and to test tires. In the third week of testing, the team finally wanted to start into a better future with the new car. But, as is well known, it turned out to be a complete false start.

Before the season opener in Australia, you will hardly have much experience with the new car. Thanks to the approval of the other teamsMarussia take at most one extra test day before the start of the season in Melbourne to complete at least the shakedown.

'We will still test and we will start in Melbourne with our new car,' says pilot Glock optimistically. Before that, however, the required final crash test must finally be passed. At the end of the week, Marussia wants to make a second attempt.

Marussia MR01 does without a duckbill

The fans were already looking forward to the presentation of the new MR01. In contrast to most other teams, the new racer should have an elegant McLaren-style nose. But the second outlier to the overpowering duckbill faction is still a while in coming. Timo Glock can only hope that everything is finally ready in Australia.


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