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Mark Webber: & # 34; Blown diffuser is Peanuts & # 34;

Mark Webber in Hockenheim
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Only fourth place on the grid, what happened?
Webber: B On my last attempt, we were all very close together. Then I slipped too far in Turn 1. I hit it too far out and missed the apex. Sorry, but that was my mistake. I don't know if I would have been in the front row. But I definitely lost third place.

Did you expect Ferrari so strongly?
Webber: Ferrari was better than the result at Silverstone . If they had managed the first lap better, it would have been obvious how much they improved. Before I went to Hockenheim, I advised a friend: Put your money in Budapest on a win for Alonso. Maybe I was wrong about a race.

You are fourth on the dirty track. An additional disadvantage for the race?
Webber: When I watch the GP2 race, I have to say that this homepage didn't look too bad. Maybe we will experience a second Silverstone here. There, too, the supposedly worse track was the better one.

Are you disappointed with Michael Schumacher's performance?
Webber: Why? Michael was practically as fast as Nico Rosberg in Q2. So he did a good job. The fact that both are so far back shows that the fault is in the car.

Are you relieved that the new aerodynamics package from your World Cup opponent McLaren is not yet working as desired?
Webber: Wait for the race first. McLaren is always stronger there than in training. You should never write off this team. Let's talk again on Sunday evening.

But it doesn't seem so easy to copy the technique of the blown diffuser. Are there any nasty surprises in store for McLaren and Mercedes?
Webber: The thing with the blown diffuser is overrated. They're peanuts. The blown diffuser neither wins nor loses a world championship.


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