Maria de Villota leaves the hospital

Maria de Villota
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2 2 days after her accident, Maria de Villota finally left the hospital . The Marussia pilot collided with the loading ramp of a team truck during test drives in Duxford, England, on July 3rd and suffered severe head injuries. The doctors in Cambridge were able to save the 32-year-olds life in two emergency operations. De Villota lost her right eye, however.

On July 20th, the patient's health was stable enough to be transferred from England to the La Paz University Hospital in Madrid. There she was monitored for six days by specialists in neurology and plastic surgery.

Maria de Villota leaves hospital

According to the experts, the healing went without further incidents, so that she finally was able to leave the hospital for the first time since the accident on Wednesday (July 25th). 'Your general health is good,' said a statement on the Spaniard's website. 'From a neurological point of view, there is no permanent damage. No further operations are necessary.'

In the next few weeks, however, the healing will continue to be monitored by the doctors. It is not yet clear whether Maria de Villota will have to go under the knife of the plastic surgeon again to correct the external consequences of the accident. After the loss of the right eyesight, the eye specialists continue to take care of the patients intensively.

Driving errors led to an accident

There is still no official statement on the background to their crash. Marussia doesn't want to put together a more detailed report on the accident for the FIA ​​and the other teams until the summer break. But it has already leaked out that a chain of unfortunate circumstances and mistakes by the Spaniard led to the impact in the loading ramp of a truck. The driver reacted incorrectly when decelerating with cold tires and cold brakes.


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