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Marc Marquez tests Red Bull: MotoGP champ makes F1 debut

Red Bull
Marc Marquez tests Red Bull
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E in motorcycle pilot in a Formula 1 Renner is nothing unusual. Older motorsport fans will surely remember Valentino Rossi's appearance in a Ferrari in 2006. The Italian flirted with a change to the four-wheel premier class, but in the end he stayed true to the two-wheel sport. In 2016, Jorge Lorenzo was last allowed to do a few laps in a Mercedes at Silverstone.

Marquez in the old Red Bull RB8

Red Bull
Niki Lauda didn't miss the spectacle either.

On Tuesday (5.6.2018) it was finally Marc Marquez's turn. Thanks to sponsor Red Bull, the six-time world champion got the chance to drive an RB8 from the 2012 season on the Grand Prix track in Spielberg. The paintwork of the emergency car caused a bit of astonishment. Because Marquez competes for the Honda factory team in MotoGP, the old Red Bull racer was given the current Toro Rosso livery - with the well-known 'Honda Hybrid' logos.

But nothing was working under the hood new hybrid unit from Japan but a conventional Renault V8 naturally aspirated engine with 2.4 liters displacement, which at least provided an appropriate soundscape. With 760 hp, the unit can't quite keep up with the current hybrid monsters, but the power should be completely sufficient for the first steps in a Formula 1 racing car.

Webber impressed by the F1 newcomer

To make Marquez's task a little easier, Mark Webber was invited. The Australian won the 2012 edition of the Monaco race with the RB8. Now the racing retiree gave the MotoGP star useful tips and helped evaluate the telemetry data. The coaching quickly had an effect. Grabbed with every runthe 25-year-old F1 debutant had more confidence in his car, which was reflected in steadily decreasing lap times.

Webber was impressed by the performance of the two-wheeler acrobat, who is known in MotoGP for his spectacular driving style : “He takes everything and implements it. He asks the right questions, he knows how to read a data recording and he has the right attitude. ”Red Bull team advisor Helmut Marko and Mercedes Foreign Minister Niki Lauda also did not miss the spectacle and talked shop with the debutant.

We have put together the pictures of Marc Marquez's first steps in a Formula 1 car for you in the gallery.


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