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Marathon man Lewis Hamilton: wanted to ride as much as possible

Stefan Baldauf
Marathon man Lewis Hamilton
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F it must be demoralizing for the competition. While teething troubles were eradicated at all ends of the pit lane, the world championship team reeled off one lap after the other. Only after 156 laps did the counter for Lewis Hamilton stop. For comparison: Marcus Ericsson landed second in the distance classification with 88 laps - and that in the tried and tested previous year's Sauber.

Hamilton chasing kilometer records

'That was really a great day, but it was exhausting. All the training in winter paid off, 'said a beaming Hamilton. 'I haven't had such a first day of testing either. We had so few problems - actually none at all. When I think of my first days of testing in recent years - there were always small incidents.'

Despite During the marathon in the gray test routine, the champion had no problems with motivation: 'I had one goal in mind: I wanted to do as many laps as possible. And more than 150 laps is quite a lot.'

That Sebastian Vettel stood in front of Mercedes in the Ferrari in the timesheet, did not cloud the joy. 'We didn't care about times today. The set-up remained untouched. So I can't say what's in this car. But we'll have enough time for that later.'

Mercedes brings surprising things Upgrades

The reason why Mercedes isn't pushing the envelope yet is simple. Firstly, you want to put the base through its paces and secondly, many important parts come to the car later. This also includes a new nose, which, according to information from auto motor und sport , should arrive in Barcelona on Wednesday. It should have an unusual design.

Team boss Toto Wolff did not want to confirm the information. Just this much: 'There are still a few updates to come before Melbourne. When I first looked at certain updates, I was also surprised.' Despite the perfect first day of testing, the Austrian is still cautious: 'We know what Ferrari can do. Maybe you drove a different program today. We shouldn't interpret the times too much. I think they will be our strongest opponent.'


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