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Manufacturer vs. Bernie Ecclestone: does the F1 boss have to step down?

Manufacturers against Ecclestone
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D Formula 1 does not come to rest. For 3 weeks the premier class fought over the best qualification format. In the end, the teams prevailed against the FIA ​​and Bernie Ecclestone. FIA President Jean Todt wants cheaper engines that are available to everyone, but is less and less popular with manufacturers. Red Bull team leader Christian Horner predicts: 'Nothing will happen.'

Bernie Ecclestone wants faster, wider and more spectacular cars. The FIA ​​agreed with the teams on a concept from McLaren, but has now found that more and more representatives consider this to be a mistake. Only Red Bull, McLaren and Toro Rosso are unconditionally in favor of it.

Pirelli should build wider tires for 2017, but does not yet know whether anyone will put test cars on the wheels in time. In the meantime, counter-proposals for the vote on April 26 are already circulating. Wider tires, yes, but with cars based on 2016, which only get a flatter and wider rear wing.

Pirelli threatens, manufacturer frustrated

Ten days before the Chinese GP, Pirelli put the pistol on the chest of the FIA. Either the corresponding test guarantees will be included in the regulations immediately, or we will opt out. FIA race director Charlie Whiting had to travel to Milan on Monday before the Chinese GP to smooth things over.

The teams agreed on new rules in China, but these have yet to be ratified. According to information from colleagues at motorsport.com, Pirelli is threatening to withdraw again. Sports director Paul Hembery therefore demands an official vote on Monday (April 18, 2016).

The chaos of rules is getting on the nerves of the automobile manufacturers. You see your investments drift away. They mainly blame Bernie Ecclestone for this. Because the Formula 1 boss shoots from the hip too often and wants to break the Mercedes dominance with artificial elements.

The 85-year-old sees the constant discussions as weak leadership. However, the automobile companies are forgetting that they are partly to blame for the reform backlog. They wanted more say in the rules. Now everyone is blocking everyone else.

Ecclestone hopes for help from the EU

It was leaked in Shanghai that the manufacturers, led by Ferrari boss Sergio Marchionne, are planning a vote of no confidence in Bernie Ecclestone.As a result, they are allegedly calling on rights holder CVC to replace Ecclestone by the end of the year at the latest.

Ecclestone knows what avalanche is rolling towards him. That is why he should lobby the EU Commission. The Brussels authorities are supposed to question the current Formula 1 contract because of violations of competition law. For Ecclestone, it is the only chance to break free before the 2020 contract expires and to reduce the teams to their role as participants again. That would give power back to him and the FIA.

Jean Todt said in Shanghai, amused: 'We're taking a relaxed look at it. Nothing better can happen to us.' Ecclestone's push explains the manufacturers' rush in their campaign. The big teams, especially Ferrari, would be the losers if the EU Commission intervened. Ferrari would lose its veto and most of its bonus payments. That could push the market value even further.


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