Manor with Mercedes engines for 2016

Manor with new engines for 2016
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D he deal is perfect. Manor has signed a multi-year supply contract for engines with Mercedes. The team from Banbury will receive the 2016 engines from Mercedes. In contrast to Ferrari, Mercedes concentrates on engine specification for logistical reasons and does not sell old engines to its customers.

Will Pascal Wehrlein sit in the Manor-Mercedes in 2016?

With Manor secured Mercedes also waives inquiries from the Red Bull warehouse. The capacity is exhausted with a total of four teams. Team boss Toto Wolff denies that it was the team's intention to create facts to fend off Red Bull. “There was a request and we granted it. We want to help the team because it showed a fantastic competitive spirit and because it will bring the field closer together. It has nothing to do with Red Bull. There was never any official contact from their side. ”

Manor wants to continue upgrading in 2016. The transmission and the rear axle come from Williams. In the technical office, Bob Bell, the former head of technology at Mercedes, is an experienced consultant. Chief designer Luca Furbatto, Gianluca Pisanello and John McQuilliam are to design the new car for 2016. All three have been in Formula 1 business for many years.

The drivers have not yet been determined. With the Mercedes contract, however, it is obvious that Pascal Wehrlein is one of the candidates. “Pascal should first concentrate on winning the DTM. Then we'll see, 'says Wolff, but does not rule out such a solution:' If the financial situation of the team allows it, it would certainly be a good entry point for Pascal. 'Wehrlein could team up with Alexander Rossi, Will Stevens or even Stoffel Vandoorne .

Manor has a budget of around $ 85 million. As tenth in the constructors' championship, the smallest racing team in Formula 1 will receive around 50 million dollars from Bernie Ecclestone. The owners around the English industrialist Stephen Fitzpatrick invest 20 million a year in their team. Right now there are about 10 million drivers and another 5 million sponsors. Depending on how many sponsors Manor finds over the winter, the freer you are in choosing a driver.


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