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Magnussen replaces Alonso in Barcelona: & # 34; The car is more predictable & # 34;

Magnussen replaces Alonso in Barcelona
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M cLaren-Honda, the epidemic sticks to the tires. The bright spot on Friday was followed by disillusionment. After 101 laps by Jenson Button, the counter stopped on Saturday (02/28/2015) at a meager 39 laps. An oil leak stopped replacement driver Kevin Magnussen and the British-Japanese alliance.

McLaren wants to unwind the race distance on Sunday

'We ended the day out of caution because we didn't want to risk anything anymore tomorrow we want to run a racing simulation and collect many kilometers, 'explains team boss Eric Boullier. It will be the first of this winter test. On the twelfth of twelve preparation days. This fact shows that the team is far behind its ambitions and program. 'We have to show in the racing simulation that the engine is reliable at full power,' says Honda engine manager Yasuhisa Arai.

Despite the misery, there are also positive aspects at McLaren: 'It doesn't look so negative As it appears from the outside. What we're going through now, the others had to go through last year. In principle, all systems work: the car, the drive, the cooling, 'reports Boullier.

MP4-30 has less grip than its predecessor

But the systems strike together. In the kilometer standings, McLaren is clearly in last place. You took over the role of Red Bull from 2014. The lack of mileage also hampers the development of the MP4-30. McLaren-Honda drives more or less with the basic package. Screwing new parts onto the car makes little sense in the current situation. First, other construction sites have to be cleaned up.

Kevin Magnussen, who replaced the ailing Fernando Alonso on Saturday, attests that the new car has good attributes. The Dane - who was a regular McLaren driver last year - agrees with his team-mate Button, who said on Friday that the car was a different category. 'It's a good base and feels more consistent, stable and predictable than its predecessor. The drivability is better. Especially on the front axle. There, last year's car was very sharp and difficult to drive. Overall, the car feels from the aerodynamic and on the mechanical side, which increases confidence. '

But Magnussen also says:' The car probably has even less grip and I didn't drive on a lot of petrol. I knownot how the car drives with a lot of fuel. 'Team boss Boullier gives the direction:' We're still lagging behind the timetable. But we should be competitive before the European season opener in Barcelona. '

Boullier expects Alonso's decision next week

Whether star driver Fernando Alonso will get into the car at the season opener in Melbourne in two weeks still seems to be not entirely sure. 'I expect an answer next week. If the doctors give the green light, I don't see a problem, 'says the team boss. Kevin Magnussen would slip into the cockpit if he said' No: 'It would be difficult for me. I don't have my own team of engineers who I talk to about the car every day. I have a bit of an outsider role. '


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