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Magnussen about Alonso: & # 34; He thinks he's God & # 34;

Magnussen about Alonso
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S They are the two stubborn heads of Formula 1, who do not mince their words. This was not the first time Kevin Magnussen and Fernando Alonso got in each other's way. In the second part of qualifying, their conflicting relationship reached its peak for the time being.

Magnussen gossiped about Alonso

Both raced towards the first chicane, Magnussen inside and Alonso outside, neither gave in and finally the Haas F1 and the McLaren touched. The fast lap was a mess for both of them. Especially annoying for Magnussen, because the Dane and his teammate Romain Grosjean, who ended up in 6th place, had the best proof that Haas is in good shape in Monza. In the end, he only ended up in 11th place and was terribly upset about Alonso's action.

'He thinks he is God,' he slanders about the two-time world champion. “He came to me afterwards and laughed in my face. That was just plain disrespectful. It's time for him to retire. ' The Spaniard seemed to be enjoying himself over the radio. He smugly communicated over the radio to his engineers that Magnussen probably wanted to race.

'Before that I would hang myself'

Magnussen saw the incident differently. “Fernando warmed up his brakes at the Ascari exit and wasn't quick. That's why I drove past him. But then for some reason he decided to speed up. He came closer instead of leaving a gap like everyone else does. He probably thought he could overtake at Turn 1, but before that I would get caught. That was disrespectful. ' Giving in would not have been an option for the Haas pilot. “I don't care why he did it. I wouldn't let it through and then sacrifice my own lap, 'he says.

The Spaniard then described his version:' It was a normal warm-up lap. I saw a Haas inside the Parabolica. We drove off together and reached turn 1 at the same time. That didn't change much for me because we didn't have more power than we did for P13. But his team-mate is in sixth place. That was unfortunate for both of us. ”

No penalties issued

Of course, he too did not want to back off, although he was on the outside. Why didn't he consider that? “Because I've prepared my lap. Especially after Ascari we try to respect the position we are with 'x' distancetake to the cars in front. And with his decision I could not complete my attempt. Everyone could do their laps with my decisions. At least one car, mine, couldn't finish the lap with his. '

The stewards watched the incident after qualifying, but didn't issue a penalty. For them the conclusion was that the incident did not constitute an unnecessary hindrance for either driver, although both drivers lost their lap.


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