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Lotus season start without points: There was no power to overtake

Lotus season start without points
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I n Melbourne was over after one round. Two weeks later in Sepang a car saw the checkered flag. Romain Grosjean was 17.6 seconds short of a point, and at times it looked as if the first points were on the Lotus account. The racing team, which switched from Renault to Mercedes engines, has not yet benefited from it. You have the speed, but not the fortune.

Pastor Maldonado has to touch his own nose again. He initially takes on Kimi Räikkönen on the starting lap. Then Valtteri Bottas slit open the tire from behind. He was later given a ten-second penalty for falling below the safety car delta time. The driver can see on the display whether or not he will keep the time to the first pit passage after the safety car has been released.

Maldonado has a small apology. Lotus is the only team to dispense with a large display in the cockpit. Not entirely voluntarily. There is no money. At the moment there is only one large display in the team. So nobody gets it. The team prefers to invest in new aero parts. With Maldonado the screen would probably have made more sense.

After the Perez crash there was also no downforce

Grosjean swam against the trend in the safety car phase. Like Sebastian Vettel, Nico Hülkenberg, Carlos Sainz and Sergio Perez, he fell by the wayside. Although a three-stop race was planned from the start. 'Two tire changes would not have been possible for us. We would have used the safety car phase to change tires if it had come two laps later,' admits operations manager Alan Permane.

Grosjean's bad luck was that he behind the Force India with Nico Hulkenberg was stuck. 'That cost us a lot of time. If the track had been clear, it would have been a different race for Romain. Then points would have been possible.'

Despite Mercedes power, Grosjean couldn't get past his opponents. A defective sensor ensured that the Mercedes V6 turbo gave less power. This is the second time that the power source in which Lotus had placed so much hope is to blame for Grosjean to miss out. In Melbourne, a leak in the pneumatic valve system forced him to give up.

After a collision with Perez, the Frenchman was finally able to write off his hopes for World Cup points. Parts of the underbody were lost in the high-speed rotator. After that, it was also missingDownforce.


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