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Lotus mad at critics: & # 34; tire discussion just stupid & # 34;

Lotus angry at critics
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T he Grand Prix of Spain was decided in the pits. Fernando Alonso and Kimi Räikkönen were the gentlest possible with their rubbers and managed to do the feat the fastest and slowest. Actually, Pirelli had expected three stops before the race. In the end there were four for most of the teams.

'That is sometimes the case. One team starts early with the pit stops and then everyone follows,' said Pirelli sports director Paul Hembery followed by an explanation. 'I can understand the criticism of some fans. Four stops are a bit too many for our taste, too. We'll be discussing the changes we're making for Silverstone next week.'

Lotus satisfied with tires

At Lotus, one would prefer not to change anything. Kimi Räikkönen once again made it through with one less stop and ended up in second place. No wonder that you can no longer hear the competition's complaints about the black gold.

'I can understand why people are talking about it again. But it's like football - when a team is always on shoots the post, you don't make the goals any bigger. I just think the discussion is stupid, 'scolded team owner Gerard Lopez.

Boullier appeals to other teams

Lotus too -Team boss Eric Boullier was annoyed by the tire discussion. 'The tires are the same for everyone. The small change that was made here in Barcelona should actually calm down the one team that has complained the loudest,' said the little swipe at Red Bull. Sebastian Vettel missed the podium and then complained: 'It's a shame if you can't do a full lap.'

At Lotus, they hope that Pirelli will not give in to the critics again and develop new tires again: 'Me don't think Pirelli will change anything, 'said Boullier. 'They were asked to build tires that would last 20 laps. They did that. If our car can do that, the other teams should work hard to get it right.'


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