Lotus is saved: Renault comeback perfect

Lotus is saved
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E s was a difficult birth. Renault has been negotiating with Lotus since the beginning of July. The goal: to return as a works team. 3 days before the GP Singapore, the corporate headquarters in Paris gave the green light. A letter of intent was signed on Thursday (September 17th, 2015). Renault buys Lotus, bringing its own team to the starting line for the third time in GP history. The first two epochs lasted from 1977 to 1985 and from 2002 to 2009. The climax were the two world championships in 2005 and 2006.

Renault with a decent budget for an F1 comeback

Lotus can breathe easy. The future is assured. Renault, mineral oil sponsor Total and Infiniti will ensure a well-filled cash register. The contaminated sites have been cleared. An agreement was also reached with Bernie Ecclestone. Renault will be one of the privileged teams. CEO Carlos Ghosn pledges that Renault will remain on board until 2024. There is bonus money for this. The payment modalities are still being haggled.

It is also certain that the previous boss Gérard Lopez will remain on board. Many other questions, however, are still open. On the day of the Singapore GP it will be decided which heart will beat in the rear of the Lotus chassis next year.

Carlos Ghosn wants it to be a Renault engine. The team would prefer to continue with a Mercedes V6 turbo for another year because the new Lotus E24 has been designed for this drive unit in recent months. The conversion to the Renault unit will be a technical feat.

The role of team manager has not yet been filled. Many names are buzzing around the room. Alain Prost, Frédéric Vasseur, Cyril Abiteboul, and even Gérard Lopez again. He waves it away. 'I can't always be at the racetrack.'

Maldonado should stay, Grosjean go

The driver question is also not yet resolved. Pastor Maldonado is supposed to stay on board for another season. Romain Grosjean has apparently fallen out with the Renault leadership. The Frenchman is associated with Haas F1. Many drivers are no longer on the market. Names like Kevin Magnussen, Jean-Eric Vergne or Stoffel Vandoorne come to mind.


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