Lotus in wait: Barcelona win with Bahrain pace?

Lotus in wait
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D he best three drivers from qualifying are traditionally allowed to enter the official FIA Press conference and let the fans celebrate in the Parc Fermé. On Saturday (May 12th) Lewis Hamilton, Pastor Maldonado and Fernando Alonso received this honor. The Lotus drivers just missed the top 3. But many experts believe that Kimi Räikkönen and Romain Grosjean will be able to stand on the podium again after the race.

Lotus moves onto the radar of the competition

Champagne was already available for them in Bahrain Finnish-French combination. The competition has not only had respect since the race in the desert. Alonso and Hamilton warn of the black and gold danger. With very fast and constant long runs, Lotus already caused a sensation in free practice on Friday.

Positions four and five on the starting grid are a good starting position. 'It is indeed one of our best qualifying results this year,' said Raikkonen, as usual neutrally. 'But it could have been even better. Unfortunately, I made a mistake in turn nine. We lost a couple of tenths there. In my opinion, we could have made it into the top three.'

Both drivers believe in victory

The cautious Finn expects an increase on Sunday. After the engineers had modified the setup before qualifying, the 2007 world champion expected a battle for the podium: 'We always have good starts. And normally our pace in the race is better than that in practice. Anything can happen, but I expect that we look even better than today. '

The' Iceman 'does not believe that the predicted cooler weather is a big problem. 'Our car is definitely better in hot conditions. But as long as the temperatures don't drop by 20 degrees it should be okay.' Teammate Grosjean agrees: 'When the temperatures are cooler, the drivers simply accelerate a little. In the end, you always have to find the balance between your car, your driving style and the temperature.'

That one too The French have high hopes for the race, but don't want to promise too much yet. 'We'll see how good the pace is very early after the start. If we have the same feeling in the car as we did in Bahrain, I'll also think about victory.'

The reigning GP2 champion wants to take it easy so as not to be disappointedwill. 'I didn't set myself any goals before the season. I wanted to move up step by step - points, top five, podium, then victory and at some point in the future the title. If we can fight for victory on Sunday, I'll be ready I will certainly give everything. But we have to think step by step. '

Training problems do not throw Grosjean off track

On Saturday morning Grosjean certainly did not think of a possible victory. In the third practice session, his car went on strike after just two laps with insufficient fuel pressure. The climber lost an hour of training time. 'The team did a good job. They repaired the car and chose a good set-up. Fortunately we have a lot of data in Barcelona. That made it a little easier.'

The question marks before qualifying were quickly gone . 'When I led the rankings in Q1, I was thinking of a starting position between two and five. We could have fought for the front row.'

But now Pastor Maldonado and Fernando Alonso are right in front of the Lotus with the number ten. 'Williams was a bit of a surprise. Fernando is at home here. We knew Ferrari was working hard. Fernando is running hot. The Red Bulls are a bit strange. We'll have to wait and see how it looks in the race tomorrow.'

In the past few years, overtaking on the Circuit de Catalunya was difficult. Still, Grosjean believes in the chance to move forward. 'The strategy will be very important. The season has shown that when the tires say goodbye, you can overtake. Here in Barcelona, ​​too. Sometimes you have to be patient and wait.'


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