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Lotus in Mad Max look: Formula 1 after the apocalypse

Lotus in Mad Max look
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B at the sight of Pastor Maldonado in the Max Max-Lotus Formula 1 racer, the press spokesman couldn't help smiling. The picture of the Rambo driver from Venezuela in the martial vehicle with flamethrowers and matt gray combat paintwork just fit.

Finally the crash pilot (failure rate 33.3 percent) had the right vehicle for close combat on the Racetrack. The South American was not allowed to drive the futuristic military equipment. What a pity. With the promotion show car for the latest part of the Mad Max film series, the Spanish GP would certainly have become a bit more interesting.

Mad Max-Lotus with skulls on the front wing

Already purely visually the vehicle would have intimidated the competition properly. Huge studded tires - 2 pieces on each side at the back - ensure good grip even off the beaten track. Spikes on the rims keep the opponents at a distance in the best Ben Hur manner.

Javelins at the rear, tusks on the nose and 5 skulls distributed over the car complete the gloomy end-of-time look, the Mad Max Fans of the legendary companions of the Hollywood strips are used to. The Formula 1 basis was difficult to recognize.

A Lotus for the Formula 1 future

<'It was a great opportunity to work with Warner Bros,' said Lotus CEO about the unusual project. 'This car reflects the perseverance of the Lotus team. No matter what the rules in the future of Formula 1 will look like. We will be at the start and fight.'

We show the photos of the Mad Max-Lotus To you in the gallery.


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