Lotus in conflict: Quantum wants Hülkenberg

Lotus in conflict
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E s is a paradoxical situation. Lotus announced on June 18 that 35 percent of the racing team had been assigned to financial investor Infinity Racing from Abu Dhabi. Reportedly for $ 270 million over five years. Infinity is now called Quantum. On paper, the Arabs own more than a third of the team. But no dollar has flowed yet.

As always at the end of the season, the budget covered by sponsors and Bernie Ecclestone's payments has been used up. Team owner Gerard Lopez currently has to pay all bills out of pocket. Actually, he would only be responsible for 65 percent. Therefore, transfers are delayed as long as possible. Because Lopez still hopes Quantum will meet its payment obligations. He doesn't want to wait much longer. Quantum has a deadline of mid-November. 'The problem is that there are other potential investors. I have to put them all off at the moment.'

Maldonado as a lifeline

Quantum wants Nico Hülkenberg as a driver. Lopez actually too. 'You can have it when you finally make your payments,' says Luxembourg. But if this source is not gushing, Pastor Maldonado stabs Hülkenberg's business card with his 41 million euro check from PDVSA. It only shows success on the racetrack. Only the current Williams driver could then ensure a high level of survival for Lotus. Otherwise Lopez would have to go to the lowlands of Sauber. Force India or Williams dismount. But he doesn't want that. He'd rather lock his shop completely.

Grosjean and Hülkenberg: The dream team of the future

Despite rumors that Lotus is running out of money, the development department is constantly delivering new parts. 'This budget will not be touched. We want to finish second in the World Cup,' asserts the Luxembourger. The difference between second and fourth place in Bernie Ecclestone's payout mode is $ 15 million. Lopez knows what he is putting at risk if he prefers Maldonado to his dream driver Hulkenberg. 'With Grosjean and Hülkenberg we would have the best driver pairing of the future.' The four-time world champion Alain Prost just shakes his head: 'Someone like Hülkenberg should have five offers on the table and be able to choose.'

Between Force India and Sauber

Hulkenberg has to focus on the options that he can influencecan. With Lotus he is dependent on the skill of others. You can negotiate with Force India and Sauber. Since the situation is not quite as confusing as with Lotus. Felipe Massa has long since drawn the consequences and is concentrating on Williams in his negotiations.

Hülkenberg could also meet Maldonado or other pay drivers at Force India and Sauber. Because neither with one nor the other the financing is dry. Maldonado is everywhere, hoping to land a hit. The winner of the Spanish GP 2012 apparently just wants to leave Williams. There you cannot understand the driver's thoughts of escape. 'When does Pastor finally understand that everyone is only after his money and not after him?' Says the team.


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