Lotus: Double DRS test fails

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L Lotus is facing a difficult decision. Do you want to use the new double DRS system in qualifying and in the race, even if there is not enough data about it? The top speed boost should bring up to half a second on a long and fast track like Spa in qualifying, if it is set up correctly.

But so far only Kimi Räikkönen has had two training sessions in Hockenheim and Budapest with it unwound. The results of the first tests were so encouraging that Lotus was actually aiming for the first race for Spa. For the first time, both cars are equipped with the new technology.

DRS prohibited on wet track

During training on Friday they actually wanted to check whether the system reacts as the data promised on the fast track in Spa. But the eagerly awaited test failed. The rain not only prevented both drivers from collecting a lot of kilometers. Activation of the DRS system is completely prohibited on a wet track.

After that, the engineers' heads were smoking. Can you still risk an assignment on Saturday? 'Let's see if we can use it on one car, or both, or not at all,' said Romain Grosjean, initially confident. 'We need a bit of a dry track to see if it works as expected. Maybe we just leave it on in third practice and then make a decision.'

According to Grosjean, an expansion is taking place of the system in the break between the two sessions. 'We can do a lot in one hour in the morning. And if we still have a few doubts, we can still upgrade to the' normal version '. The mechanics have to work hard there, but it should be possible.'

Chief Technology Officer calls off another DRS test

But the engineers apparently prefer to play it safe. 'Better safe than sorry,' said James Allison, chief technology officer. 'That is why we will tackle the third training session with a conventional package instead of squeezing the entire planned Friday test into the valuable last training session.'


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