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Lotus decision to Abu Dhabi: Renault sets course to green

Lotus decision to Abu Dhabi
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M sometimes Formula 1 is more exciting than on the racetrack on her. Two races before the end of the championship, all titles have been awarded, but not all questions have been answered. Which engine do Red Bull and Toro Rosso get? Do they even get one?

Is the FIA ​​pushing their cheap engine through, or are the manufacturers giving in when asked about a maximum price? Maybe a completely different engine is coming, a compromise that satisfies everyone? Will Manor survive the big staff carousel? And what does Mercedes do when Manor jumps out and Lotus doesn't join?

One of the most important questions is still waiting for an answer. Will Renault take over the racing team from Lotus and turn it into a works team again? Since the purchase option was subscribed at the end of September, there has been calm. And that makes many employees in Enstone nervous.

They are working flat out on a Lotus-Renault, but just in case they keep the plans for a Lotus-Mercedes in the drawer. Not even Bernie Ecclestone wants to put his hands on the fire and confirm that Renault gives the green light. Only this much: 'It could be December before the decision is made.'

Renault boss Ghosn has to decide

Our informants said in Mexico: Renault will be at the season finale in Abu Dhabi Announce the completion of the purchase. Various indications speak for it. Renault has retained its key employees on a long-term basis. The engine department was able to complete the latest expansion stage. It will celebrate its racing premiere at the Brazilian GP in the Red Bull. And Renault recently repaid a major loan from a former team partner.

Do you do this to get out in the end? The only question mark is the decision-making process itself. Everything depends on the voice of one man: CEO Carlos Ghosn. To please him, the sports department headed by Cyril Abiteboul and brand ambassador Alain Prost has drawn up a business plan that costs Renault almost nothing.

Nonetheless, two factors of uncertainty remain. Has the engine upgrade proven itself? And what about the Formula 1 engine question? A cheap engine as competition could change the mood in the corporate headquarters. A new, simpler hybrid formula might be an incentive.


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