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Lotus aims at Williams: good ideas, but no money

Lotus aims at Williams
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L otus is the team that gave away the most points. Mostly due to driver mistakes. Pastor Maldonado only had a race without problems at the seventh Grand Prix in Montreal. Romain Grosjean made the mistake. He collided with Will Stevens' manor before the finish line. And got five penalty seconds for it. Otherwise the Frenchman could have landed in front of Daniil Kvyat.

Grosjean has matured in the meantime. Shortly after arriving in the paddock, he paid a visit to the Manor-Motorhome. To apologize to Will Stevens, his opponent in the accident. 'It was a stupid concentration mistake on my part. I thought I was already past him and so focused on the turning point of the chicane that I didn't even notice I was pulling over to the left. I don't just have my own race broken, but also his. '

Lotus closes the gap to Williams

Lotus drove on a par with the Williams in training for the Canadian GP. In the race, Grosjean and Maldonado had to tear down quickly. 'We lost too much time on the supersoft tires. They already pitted after a few laps. We were only able to keep up with the Williams in terms of lap times on the harder tires. But it was too late by then,' explains Grosjean and breathes a sigh of relief: 'We now know what we did wrong with the tires in Montreal. It won't happen to us again here in Austria.'

With that, Lotus could practice and race for Williams in Austria become a danger. 'The circuit here is very similar to Montreal. Here, too, what counts is power and a car that applies the brakes well.' Grosjean points out that Williams must be Lotus' next target. 'At the moment they are still a bit too strong for us. At the beginning of the season we were gone for half a second. Now the gap is closing a bit. To get even closer, we need upgrades.' Williams submitted. The cars are equipped with new developments on the rear wing, diffuser and engine cover.

The development race can become a problem for Lotus. The team is short of money this year. According to team boss Gerard Lopez, the 2015 budget was reduced by 30 million euros. Not all components can be produced immediately. Grosjean said: 'Our people have good ideas. Our 2015 car shows that we understood the problems from the previous year and implemented the solutions wellto have. But Red Bull brings a new nose and a new front wing every two races. We can't do that. '


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