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Lobby against thin tires: Pirelli rejects quick action

Lobby against thin tires
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H aas team boss Guenther Steiner speaks of the tire window world championship. Although the US team brought the tires in Spain and Monaco into the magical working area, Steiner does not want to conclude that the secret of the new Pirelli tires has been cracked: “We learn from race to race, but I wouldn't from one full understanding. ”At the moment only Mercedes has that. Even top teams like Ferrari and Red Bull get lost again and again in Pirelli's maze.

You see the 2019 tires with the stiffer construction and thinner tread than the match winner from Mercedes. Pirelli's new soles solved the problems of the Silver Arrows in one fell swoop. Since the cars have been rolling on tires with less rubber pads, the tires at Mercedes no longer overheat.

On the other hand, anyone who has built a tire-friendly car is punished for having difficulty getting the tires into their work window. The frustration of defeat welds the opponents of Mercedes together. Ferrari and Red Bull lead a group that Pirelli wants to ask to return to the thicker tread.

Motorsport Images
The tires will decide between victory and defeat this year.

New ones Tires, bad show

Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto refers to the quality of the races: “The tires no longer overheat and therefore hardly wear out. All Grand Prix are one-stop races. That's bad for the show. '

Red Bull sports director Helmut Marko railed:' It can't be that the tires decide everything. It doesn't matter how good your car is. If you don't hit the window, you have no chance. We can no longer play to our strengths in protecting the tires. 'Guenther Steiner criticizes:' On the Monday after the race we only talk about tires. It can't be. ”

According to the latestNot all teams want to join the front. McLaren boss Zak Brown gave the campaign a clear rejection: 'We understand the tires very well and see no reason to change anything.'

For Ferrari and Red Bull, the tire issue is becoming increasingly important. They had to throw their season planning completely overboard. Ferrari's title dreams fade with every further Mercedes victory. Red Bull wanted to win at least five races. Now you have to be happy if you just manage to win one.

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Ferrari and Red Bull cannot show their strengths when it comes to tire protection.

Pirelli rejects quick change

Mercedes' lead is so great that it cannot be caught up with an aero upgrade or engine development. Going back to the old tires would be the easier way to trip Mercedes. Mercedes dominance is also a problem for Liberty. The TV ratings are plummeting.

Pirelli race director Mario Isola regrets: “We have reduced the running area for safety reasons. We're not going to reverse that this year. ”But Isola does not want to rule out a change for 2020:“ We will bake new mixes for 2020 based on the experiences we have made this year. And maybe this will also change the thickness of the tread. ”


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