Lewis Hamilton with three mistakes in Monza

Lewis Hamilton scores own goal
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D he is every footballer's nightmare: You stand in front of the empty one Goal and misses. Something like that happened to Lewis Hamilton at Monza. The McLaren driver gave away his championship lead on a racetrack, where he had firmly planned to expand his leading position. If possible with a win.

Hamilton's reaction after the collision with Felipe Massa showed all the frustration that had built up in him on the unfortunate weekend at Monza. Frustration with a totally screwed up Grand Prix. Hamilton kept his yellow helmet on all the way from the Lesmo corner to the paddock. Then he holed up in the McLaren Glass Palace.

He didn't feel like talking. Until team boss Martin Whitmarsh gave consolation. 'I didn't blame him. It was a racing accident that can happen in the heat of the moment. We appreciate Lewis for who he is. It was typical Lewis that he drove the broken car to the Lesmo curve. It doesn't exist until the wheels fall off the car. '

Wrong decision in terms of the F-shaft

The accident in the second chicane ended a weekend which for Hamilton started with a mistake. In fact, the 2008 world champion didn't have to risk taking risks. His McLaren-Mercedes was victorious even with a conservative vote, as Jenson Button has proven. He relied on a spa wing with a lot of downforce and the F-shaft.

Hamilton will probably wonder for a long time which devil drove him to rely on the setup for minimal downforce. In the comparison tests on Friday, his version was 0.056 seconds faster than Button's, but that was only a snapshot of a lap. In the long run, the tires and the brakes would suffer. Was it worth it just because of the eight km /h more top speed? If Button was able to take second place on the grid with his setup, then pole position would have been possible for Hamilton.

Hamilton relies on top speed

The three-time winner of the season wanted be particularly smart and scored a classic own goal with it. 'I believed that I could somehow cope with the low downforce. Top speed was important to me.' But why risk? Hamilton came to Italy as the World Cup leader. The McLaren was a potential winning car for Monza. There was no reason to do anything fundamentally different from the direct oneCompetition.

Monza offered the chance to keep Red Bull behind. Hamilton didn't have to worry about Fernando Alonso. A win for the Ferrari driver would hardly have bothered Hamilton if he had at least finished second or third. So he played a through pass to Alonso to catch up again in the title race.

Refitting on Saturday no longer possible

The choice of the setup was a mistake because it was a mistake for Hamilton the third training actually didn't give a return to the conservative variant Even if he had seen his mistake there. The two configurations were too different for that. The translation of seventh gear would have been far too long for Button's vote. Then the connections in the lower corridors would no longer have worked. And the gear ratio may no longer be touched on Saturday.

The qualification gave Hamilton a foretaste of what would happen on Sunday. His top speed advantage would evaporate the moment the field sorted itself out. 'The car slipped so badly that I couldn't stay on the vehicle in front at the exit of the Parabolica. The less downforce you have, the more you feel the turbulence in the other cars.'

Hamilton with mistake in qualifying

From this point of view, BBC reporter Martin Brundle did not understand why Hamilton was so close behind Mark Webber in the final of the final training. 'Lewis had enough time to leave a bigger gap between himself and Webber. He had to realize that his car would have problems with his car in the turbulence.' Hamilton admitted: 'With a free lap I might have finished one place further up.'

Fifth place on the grid put Hamilton under unnecessary pressure. He had to make up places on the starting lap because he would not be able to do so later. This coercion is dangerous in Monza because the first two harassments are the eye of a needle. Everything went well at the first braking point. Hamilton moved past Webber to fourth.

Third Hamilton mistake: Crash with Massa

Then the third faux pas happened to him. Instead of settling for that, Hamilton wanted more. He set his sights on the two Ferraris. It had to be clear to him that Felipe Massa would not give in. His job was to shield Alonso. In addition, Hamilton's optimistic attacks in the start-up turmoil are angry with his colleagues. 'He'll put a bike in for you even in hopeless situations, in the hope that the other will give in,' complained Sebastian Vettel after the Hamilton attacks in Valencia and Silverstone.

Massa never intended to give in: 'I drove into the chicane further inside than Fernando. So there was no more room for Lewis. I just felt a blow from behind and hoped that my car didn't suffer anything.' Hamilton immediately took the blame for the accident on his head. 'I would haveBetter to wait a bit with attacking third place. '

Title fight open again - Webber favorite

The McLaren star suffered heavily for his three mistakes. Alonso, who actually was already out of the title fight, the maximum number of points made good for him. Teammate Button shortened the gap from 35 to 17. This further protects Button from an open stable management. With the small difference, betting his cards on a driver would be five races before the end Vettel caught up 12 points on Hamilton and, like Alonso and Button, is back in business. And to top it all off, the championship leadership went to Webber. And the Australian has the better car for the upcoming races in Singapore and Suzuka .


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