Lewis Hamilton with new coach in Colorado

Wolfgang Wilhelm
New trainer for Lewis Hamilton
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T he season 2011 is more exhausting than ever. From mid-March to the end of November, 20 races await the Formula 1 drivers. With Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, China, Malaysia, India and Singapore, there are again some Grand Prix on the calendar, which demand everything from the drivers from the climatic conditions alone.

Eight of the 20 races will also be Ridden in a weekly rhythm and not with a 14-day break. 'You can't give 100 percent in both races. You have to divide up the forces,' said Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso.

Full concentration is required in 2011

In the coming season, physical fitness will also be particularly important for another reason. With the movable rear wing and the KERS system, the driver has to control two other elements from the cockpit, which require full concentration at all times during the race.

A professional fitness program is therefore part of every driver's preparation to. McLaren driver Lewis Hamilton wanted to be on the safe side. The 2007 world champion flew to the Rocky Mountains over Christmas. In the US state, Hamilton spent many hours in the fitness room and did long snow runs on skis and with shoes.

Hamilton trains at an altitude of 3,700 meters

Hamilton stayed there permanently at an altitude of 2,600 to 3,700 meters to increase the number of red blood cells and to intensify the exercise program. Hamilton's new fitness coach Antti Vierula was also there. The Finn will not only train his protégé in the fitness room, but also draw up a meal plan and accompany him to the track.

His former trainer, Clayton Green, will be transferred to a higher position at McLaren, on the it should improve the physical performance of the entire team. 'At McLaren we are committed to building a team with incredible strength and depth in every department,' said team manager Jonathan Neale.

Also Vettel with Finnish trainer

Sebastian Vettel proved last season that a Finnish fitness coach can do no harm. The world champion has been training with Tommi Parmakoski for two years. The former ice hockey goalkeeper was recommended to Vettel by McLaren doctor Aki Hintsa of all people.


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