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Lewis Hamilton: 350 euros fine for burnout in Melbourne

Wolfgang Wilhelm
Fine for Lewis Hamilton
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D he burnout affair around Lewis Hamilton is finally over. The McLaren star got away with a mild fine of 500 Australian dollars (350 euros). The district court in Melbourne waived an entry in the personal criminal record in its judgment.

After the second training session for the Australian GP, ​​the 2008 world champion brought the tires of his Mercedes C-Class to smoke at a street crossing. An accidentally passing police patrol stopped the Englishman and confiscated his company car.

Hamilton Ambassador for Road Safety

The affair had already caused bigger waves in March because Hamilton calculated as Ambassador for road safety is involved in campaigns by Mercedes-Benz and the FIA. Immediately after the incident, the caught traffic offender apologized to the public for his offense.

Hamilton presented this apology to the Melbourne District Court again in a detailed and written form. In it, he pleaded guilty to himself and recognized the charge of 'inappropriate use of an automobile'. He regrets his derailment and admitted his mistake.

Hamilton sees mistakes

'I accept that I am a public figure and that I am committed to being a role model to act for younger people - especially when it comes to road safety, 'said Hamilton through his lawyer. 'The incident caused a lot of publicity, which for me is a kind of punishment. Not all reports were correct, which has caused further damage.'

Hamilton said that he used his vehicle every Had time under control. He wanted to continue working as an ambassador for road safety and therefore asked the court for a mild verdict. With the fine, the judges complied with this request.


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