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Leclerc explains the miracle of cleanliness: Decisive step in Baku

Leclerc explains the clean miracle
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Z Everyone has been extremely concerned about the HaasF1 soared to the top. Now the Formula 1 world is amazed at Sauber. Charles Leclerc and Marcus Ericsson achieved the best training result for Sauber in six years with starting positions 6 and 7 in Sao Paulo.

Leclerc also confirmed the good form of the Sauber in the race. The Monegasse finished seventh behind the three top teams. Just 44 seconds behind the winner. The positive trend for the Swiss has been going on for a long time, but it only led to such heights in the last five races.

Looking back at the season, many wonder how that was possible. “At the beginning of the season, Sauber was still driving at our level. You made the climb, we didn't, ”complains Williams driver Lance Stroll. In fact, Leclerc and Ericsson were united on the penultimate row in Melbourne. A Williams and Toro Rosso each in front of and behind them. The deficit in the race to the winner was 75 seconds despite a safety car phase at half time.

Every upgrade works

Without the absence of Marcus Ericsson, Sauber would probably have scored twice in Brazil.

Charles Leclerc sees a crucial difference compared to Williams: “The basis of our car has always been good. We only didn't use it in the first three races. ”It wasn't until Baku that the knot opened. And without a spectacular upgrade. “We struggled with a massive balance problem in the first few races. When we understood that and got rid of it, we took a giant leap forward. For me that was the key to our soaring. ”

After the first great moment in Bakuthe technology department in Hinwil delivered well-proportioned stages of development for each race. And each worked. This means that, alongside Mercedes and HaasF1, Sauber is the only team that never went wrong in the development race.

Targeting Force India

Team boss Frédéric Vasseur also attributes it to the new policy, preferably smaller ones than bringing larger packages to the car. “That helped the understanding. With a major upgrade, you can easily confuse yourself. ”

Even when Sauber stopped developing the 2019 car in late summer, the upward trend continued. Now again through a better understanding of the car. 'We learn something new every race,' said Leclerc happily. “Although we haven't got the car for a few races, we're faster than the teams that developed late.”

Now Sauber dares to attack Force India. To do this, Sauber would have to make 7 more points. Because of the better individual results, a tie on points does not bring anything for the English racing team.


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