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Lauda's advice to Rosberg: & # 34; As if the World Cup would start from scratch & # 34;

Lauda's advice to Rosberg
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F he first four races of this season were a disappointment for Nico Rosberg . No win, four losses against Lewis Hamilton, and a new opponent in Ferrari. At least at the Bahrain GP he gave the lie to his critics who accuse him of being too timid in a duel. Rosberg passed like a world champion. Sebastian Vettel alone three times.

Even though a braking problem annoyed him from the third lap onwards. Head of Technology Paddy Lowe: 'We tried to manage it, but two laps before the end Nico got out of the brake-by-wire. He only had the front braking effect.' That happened at the stupidest moment of all times. When Kimi Räikkönen wanted to take second place from the Mercedes driver.

We now know the background to the braking misery. The windows had worn too much. The brake-by-wire system then went into passive mode. Probably a little early, if not necessary. The Mercedes engineers are currently investigating whether the software needs to be adapted for this type of problem.

Hamilton makes no mistakes

Niki Lauda had seen enough: 'Nico drove a crazy race. Sometimes he had a long brake pedal, sometimes a short one. In the end it failed completely. The fact that he was so fast under the circumstances is unbelievable. '

A soul massage for someone who has not really started this season has found. 'Nico has the toughest job you can imagine. Lewis is in top form at the moment. He makes practically no mistakes and his self-confidence is limitless.'

The world champion shows no nakedness. Neither in training nor in the race. In Shanghai, Rosberg was only missing a wink about pole position. But then Hamilton drove away in the race. In Bahrain it was the other way around. After the race, Rosberg was once again able to say that he lost the race in training.

Rosberg needs a win

The World Cup runner-up had an explanation for the large training deficit of 0.558 Seconds, but Niki Lauda gave him the advice even before the start of the race: 'Don't bother with complicated explanations. Just say you made a mistake. The ballast has to get out of your head. You have to drive the race like this, as if the World Cup were starting from scratch. '

That is exactly Lauda's recommendation for the start of the European season:' Nico has to try to break Lewis' run. And every race anew. Everything, just forget what was before.At the moment he can only put Lewis under pressure if he beats him at his speed. Then the other one starts thinking too. '

Perhaps Rosberg should follow Lauda as an example. The Austrian was confronted with an apparently overpowering Alain Prost in 1984. And still became world champion, because he relied on his Strengths focused and not wasted energy, to hit cheers where he couldn't be hit.


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