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Lauda gets Silver Arrows job: Mercedes will be in Formula 1 until 2020

Wolfgang Wilhelm
Lauda gets Silver Arrow job
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E it all happened in three days. On Wednesday (September 26th) Mercedes signed the new Concorde agreement. Bernie Ecclestone had already signed the paper before he left for Singapore. Mercedes is committed to participating in the Formula 1 World Cup by 2020. An immensely important step for sport. It gives it credibility and could encourage other manufacturers to get into Formula 1.

Mercedes is committed to Formula 1 by 2020

From Mercedes' point of view, it was also a brave decision . All the curves in GP sport point downwards. The financial crisis has long since arrived in GP sport. The audience numbers are dwindling, Bernie Ecclestone is finding it increasingly difficult to push through his exorbitant entry fees with the organizers and therefore has to move to increasingly exotic countries far from Europe, and an agreement on the dispute over cost control is still not in sight. And there are also signs from the TV landscape that the high costs for the rights can no longer be refinanced.

The Mercedes Board of Management gave the go-ahead for the continuation of its formula in the week after the Italian GP 1 engagements. The basis for this was a conclusive plan by the British parliamentary group as to how the team can move to the top in the next three years. One of the building blocks was the new three-year contract for Lewis Hamilton. Cost what it may. Even when the pain threshold was exceeded, Mercedes still offered.

One hopes with Hamilton for better results and thus for higher income from Bernie Ecclestone's box office. And with the 2008 world champion, an additional sponsor is to be added. Flirting with Hamilton was a crime thriller that was not contracted until late Thursday evening.

Schumacher has to clear space for Hamilton

Even Michael Schumacher was sacrificed for this. He said goodbye to his employer in dry words: 'I had three wonderful years with the Mercedes F1 team, which unfortunately didn't go as we all wished.'

For a better future Mercedes also invests in technology. The wind tunnel was upgraded from 50 to 60 percent models. The new driving simulator just went online. Irony of history: McLaren people helped build it. Lewis Hamilton will find himself in familiar surroundings.

Heads in 2013Mercedes?

The days of excuses are over for Ross Brawn and Bob Bell. If Mercedes does not consistently compete for podium places next year, heads will roll. To improve the interface with the English, Niki Lauda was installed. Officially as chairman of the supervisory board of the Formula 1 team. Under the name that bears the name of the state, one has to imagine the following: Lauda will play minder, idea generator, savior in need and reporter to the Daimler Board of Management.

The three-time world champion played a key role in the Mercedes bosses at the same table in the negotiations on the new Concorde agreement and that Mercedes was able to negotiate acceptable terms. Alongside Ferrari, Red Bull and McLaren, they are now part of the fourth privileged team in Bernie Ecclestone's realm.


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