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Last dice in the driver's market: Magnussen on the market

Last dice in the driver's market
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S o The driver market has not been quiet for a long time. It is already clear: there will be no spectacular change. Officially, 8 of the 22 cockpits are still open. But with 80 percent of the places, it is already relatively clear who will occupy them. The second McLaren cockpit will be owned by Jenson Button when the 2009 world champion gives the green light. Comment from the McLaren warehouse: 'It's up to Button.' It's probably about the money again.

As an alternative, the prospective GP2 champion Stoffel Vandoorne and ex-driver Kevin Magnussen come into question. McLaren, however, let the option on Magnussen pass unused. It expired on August 31st. What is being denied by McLaren. According to this, you have your finger on Magnussen until the end of September. The Dane still seems to be on the market. Magnussen is also one of the candidates for the second Haas F1 cockpit. He has already publicly announced that he would like to drive there. The first cockpit is given to a Ferrari test driver. The race between Esteban Gutierrez and Jean-Eric Vergne seems to have made Gutierrez.

Renault decision determines the driver market

Who takes on the other part depends on Renault. If the French car company takes over the Lotus racing team, Romain Grosjean is set. If not, the Frenchman is at the top of the Haas F1 list. The fate of Pastor Maldonado also depends on Renault. If Renault cancels, the winner of the Spanish GP of 2012 will remain. If there is a change of ownership, the Venezuelan is on the brink.

Should Renault decide against Maldonado, the race will open with a free cockpit. And that on the sponsoring millions of Maldonado. Around 50 million dollars are also interesting for Force India, even if not everything reaches the team. Still, Sergio Perez has better cards. The engineers in the team stand up for the Mexican. Perez has recently shown what qualities he has with 18 points in two races. Maldonado, on the other hand, leads the bankruptcy statistics with 8 failures.

There are also two places available at Manor. Should the smallest racing team in the field conclude an engine deal with Mercedes, that could be the chance for Pascal Wehrlein. And McLaren will try to pay his super talent Vandoorne an apprenticeship year at Manor if Button continues another season.

Ferrari, Force India and Williams put onStability

All other places are filled with the same personal details as this year. Ferrari solved the driver question unspectacularly. Kimi Raikkonen's contract extension by one year was communicated in a two-line press release shortly before the Belgian GP. The Finn was given a reprieve for various reasons. He gets along well with Sebastian Vettel. Staying there guarantees stability in the team. And there were no alternatives that suggested themselves.

Nico H├╝lkenberg will stay with Force India until 2017. A good move, as no doors open on the big teams anyway. Williams also relies on its current drivers. The team still has to fill a budget gap, but opted for quality in the cockpit. In the end, a third place in the constructors' championship brings more than a mediocre driver with a fat check.

However, in a year Williams will face the problem that the contracts of Felipe Massa and Valtteri Bottas will expire. If the third oldest racing team in Formula 1 is ahead, it shouldn't be a problem to find good drivers.


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