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Kvyat debut with an accident: Red Bull loses wings

Stefan Baldauf
Kvyat debut with an accident
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D Daniil Kvyat's debut at Red Bull was a thorough one in the pants. The 20-year-old Russian went off the track in the installation lap. 'He adjusted the steering wheel a little between turns 3 and 4, was distracted for a moment and slipped off the piste. The front wing touched the wall slightly and broke. Unfortunately, this is our only specimen on the route. So early in the Spare parts are still in short supply in the year ', regretted team boss Christian Horner.

Adrian Newey specified the defect:' One of the front wing mountings broke. It belongs to the nose. And unfortunately we only have one copy It wouldn't have been a shame for the grand piano itself. That was an old model. '

Accident pilot Kvyat was embarrassed: 'A little ride with big consequences. At the worst possible time. I only touched the boundary very lightly, but it was enough that the nose attachment broke. I didn't know that it was our only copy. ' The Russian gave a combination of unfortunate circumstances as the reason. 'I had to change a few settings on the steering wheel and the tires were still cold. Although I was still driving very slowly, I slipped off the track. The grip was almost zero.'

Red Bull is waiting for you new nose

replacement should be flown in by the afternoon. Horner could not say whether there would be enough for a few laps before the end of the test at 5 p.m. 'We hope that the new parts arrive as early as possible. Tomorrow we will definitely be back at the start.'

Red Bull tried to make the best of the mishap and sent Kvyat without wings for individuals Laps on the track. The engineers carried out aerodynamic measurements and tested different engine settings. 'As much as you can stop when you have to drive without the front wing. It was about collecting data. That can also be done at a moderate speed,' said Kvyat. His conclusion: 'Check it off and do it better on Wednesday.'

It is rather doubtful whether secret-keeper Adrian Newey did himself a favor with this. The wingless front section revealed a detailed and undisguised view of the nose and its profile. The competition was busy taking photos.

More extreme Red Bull livery in Melbourne

The camouflage also helped -Painting not. The should from Melbournebe replaced by an even more extreme design, revealed Horner. Red Bull owner Dietrich Mateschitz likes the camouflage paintwork particularly well. 'A helmet design from Vettel encouraged us to do this.'

Despite the wing failure, Horner draws a positive interim conclusion: 'The first day of testing showed us that the car has potential. It is an evolution of the RB10 without its weak points. Renault also made good progress over the winter. The new token system now allows us to further develop the drive source during the season. This could help us to close the gap to Mercedes. '


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