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Kvyat costs Ricciardo places: 8 tenths of a loss on the straight

Red Bull
Kvyat costs Ricciardo seats
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T he accident of Daniil Kvyat has Red Bull twice punished. After taking off at around 190 km /h, Red Bull swaps the chassis, engine and transmission for safety reasons. 'Luckily we brought so many new engines into the system in Monza,' said team boss Christian Horner with a sigh of relief. Kvyat has to start from the pit lane because of the chassis change, but is allowed to change the set-up of the vehicle as he likes. Then Red Bull could send Kvyat into the race with a rain attitude. 'A small advantage,' admits Marko. 'The difference between the setups is not as big as it used to be.'

Marko consoled the Russian when he arrived at the Red Bull Motorhome. The strict doctor used to pull the ears of his crash pilots. An attack of old age? Answer with a wink: 'The Kvyat is fragile. You have to straighten it up.' The eighth place in the World Cup did not give the impression that the accident had thrown him off course. 'A stupid mistake to put the left wheel on the grass. Then I made it even worse because I wanted to intercept the car. I got a counterattack and went diagonally into the barriers. That increased the damage to the car.' p>

Ricciardo showed understanding for his colleague. In the curve you aim for the apex for the right curve. You can only see the strip of grass on the left out of the corner of your eye. Racing drivers are greedy. You want to take advantage of every inch of the route. You can get onto the grass quickly. '

Red Bull is hoping for the race

For Daniel Ricciardo, the red flag meant that he couldn't improve his seventh training place.' I had one very good first sector and was two tenths below my time there. 'Another tenth came up to the Degner curve.' Daniel could have overtaken the Ferrari, 'believes Marko. Ricciardo is cautious:' I guess the others would be too got faster. '

Secretly he had expected a starting place in the top 5.' But we lose too much on the straights. The car is a pleasure in the corners. This was the fifth time in a row that I was fully connected to the chassis. Horner makes it clear how much the power deficit costs lap time. 'Three tenths of a second on the home straight, half a second from the Spoon curve to the chicane.'

Red Bull is betting on the race. 'We had better tire wear than Ferrari andWilliams. so I hope we can compete with them in the race. 'The Australian is not entirely sure whether the soft tire is the better choice for the race.' The Mercedes were incredibly fast on the hard tire. Maybe tomorrow some will try the soft-hard-hard tire sequence. '


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