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Kubica before comeback at Williams: Ocon substitute for three teams

Kubica before comeback at Williams
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E s really only missing the signature. Robert Kubica's comeback as a racing driver is imminent. Williams insiders say: The chances that the 33-year-old Pole will sign this week are over 90 percent.

This means that Kubica would drive another Grand Prix in 2019 after a nine-year break. His last outing in Abu Dhabi was on November 14, 2010. On February 6, 2011, the man from Krakow almost lost his right hand in a rally accident.

Allegedly, it's all about details. For example, how many Friday training sessions a third driver sits in the car. Newcomer George Russell will also have to sacrifice days. Williams is apparently selling the Fridays to a wealthy customer.

Kubica does not want to force a comeback

Robert Kubica and George Russell - the new Williams duo for 2019?

One can only speculate who it is. Possibly GP3 rider Nikita Mazepin. His father, Dmitry, a fertilizer billionaire, wants to get a foothold in Formula 1. After being blown off at Force India, Williams could be his next address.

Kubica obviously doesn't want to sacrifice too many Fridays. Also to offer his sponsors maximum consideration. The 2008 Canadian GP winner has an alternative. He can also become a simulator driver at Ferrari as a replacement for Daniil Kvyat.

'The decision is mine,' affirmed the Pole. Kubica continues: “The comeback has to go well. I don't want to force anything. It should be the reward for a long journey. The environment and the people I work with have to be right. ”

Ocon triple replacement pilot

Toto Wolff would like to use Ocon as a substitute pilot for all three Mercedes teams.

If Kubica continues his Formula 1 career next year, Esteban Ocon will become reserve driver. The Frenchman could have a pretty hectic year in 2019 even without a GP start. According to the plans of Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff, Ocon should drive as much as possible.

“He could become test driver for us, Force India and maybe Williams. And he'll be sitting in the simulator a lot. ”It is conceivable that Mercedes and Force India will test out a few times in Barcelona next February. So that Ocon doesn't rust before it makes a comeback in 2020.

And for the job as a simulator driver there is apparently an alternative for Kubica. Pascal Wehrlein is said to be on the wish list in Maranello after cutting his ties to Mercedes a few weeks ago. In addition to being employed as a Mahindra driver in Formula E, the 2015 DTM champion is apparently looking for a part-time job.


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