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Kitty at Red Bull: & # 34; Anything better than seventh is good & # 34;

Kitty at Red Bull
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I n last year, Red Bull barely got anywhere in the winter test drives . At the season opener Daniel Ricciardo drove like Phoenix from the ashes to second place. Twelve months later, Red Bull has tested extensively with 4,322 kilometers. And then the season opener turned into a fiasco. On Friday Ricciardo got out of his Red Bull after 48 kilometers with an engine failure.

Daniel Kvyat stopped an engine fire in the third practice session. The Red Bull mechanics had to replace the charred cables and sensors in record time. Kvyat only had one lap in Q1 to jump into Q2. The newcomer took this hurdle, but then the lack of preparation time made itself felt. Kvyat got stuck in 13th place on the grid.

Red Bull is running out of breath

Ricciardo struggled with software problems in the third practice session. With only 19 laps of training, Ricciardo's seventh place on the grid was a success. 'For me the free practice took place in the qualification. The car got better with every lap. I have to be happy with seventh place. In the race, any position better than seventh would be a success.'

Ricciardo mainly blamed the deficit on the Renault V6 turbo's poor drivability. 'I lose the acceleration in the first part because the power kicks in too brutally. And the engine runs out of breath on the last 200 meters of the straight. The problems with traction force us to set up the vehicle, which costs time again.' GPS measurements also show that the Red Bull has lost in its former domain. In the fast corners the RB11 is only in the middle.

All test bench tests in Graz

The engine problems will not be can be dissolved overnight. Team boss Christian Horner and technical director Adrian Newey blew mopping up after the final training session. 'It will take a while for Renault to get it under control. Maybe even the whole year,' complained Newey. Team advisor Helmut Marko said sarcastically: 'Renault installed new software overnight. It surpassed yesterday's.'

That's why Red Bull hasresponds. In a long night session, Renault was given the pistol on its chest. 'We have redistributed the work. In the future, all test bench runs will be carried out at AVL in Graz,' reveals Marko. 'Renault tells us miracles about the test benches in Paris, but they never make it to the racetrack. Something has to change.'


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