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Kimi Räikkönen: It's too cold for the Finns in China

Kimi Raikkonen
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E s could have been worse. At least if you look at where Lotus was crawling around on Friday. In the second training session they were 13th and 15th. But Kimi Raikkonen is not satisfied.

Update package does not work

'It wasn't that bad,' he admits. 'But I'm a little disappointed with the gap to the front. In the last few races we were stronger than here. The car just didn't go faster. We tried, but it just couldn't go any faster.' Räikkönen was slightly more than seven tenths short of Rosberg's best time

Lotus traveled to China with an extensive update package. Actually, the car should get a new underbody, front and rear wing. But after the first tests on Friday, the engineers decided to largely restore the old version. New parts were only used at the rear. 'The update didn't work,' says Raikkonen. 'Unfortunately, we're where we were in the last race. We tried, but didn't get it to work.'

The weak point of the Lotus F1 E20 is clear to the Finn: 'We have to simply get faster overall. We need more downforce. The cold weather didn't help us. In the last qualifying section it got even colder. That wasn't good for us. '

Raikkonen is hoping for warm Temperatures

That's why he's hoping for warmer conditions on race Sunday. But that's not going to make it easy. Räikkönen was not surprised by the performance of the Sauber drivers and has great confidence in them in the race. Kamui Kobayashi goes into the race next to him. Jenson Button and Mark Webber lurk behind it. If, contrary to expectations, it is colder, Räikkönens believes that this will primarily benefit the Mercedes duo at the top.


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