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Kimi Raikkonen: & # 34; A good feeling with the new car & # 34;

Kimi Raikkonen
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D these are the moments when Kimi Raikkonen would most like to hide away . It's the part of his job that he hates. When he is sitting in the midst of a cluster of journalists and has to answer questions. It could be that the returnees will be the focus of interest more often this year. Kimi Raikkonen had a tailor-made comeback.

The 2007 world champion finished the first day of work in his second life as the fastest. 'The P1 sign on the first day of the test doesn't say much,' the blonde waved tiredly. 'I would prefer if I read P1 at the end of the first race.'

Raikkonen: 'Had worse first days'

It is not the first time Raikkonen has a new one Race car must judge. He has known that since his debut season in 2001. Most of the time, his first feeling has not disappointed him. 'I've already had a lot of bad first days. I have a good feeling with this car,' mumbled the 32-year-old Finn and even managed to get a scant smile. Raikkonen covered 75 laps. It would have been even more if a minor problem with KERS hadn't kept him in the pits for a while in the afternoon.

With 1.19.670 minutes, the Lotus driver undercut Rubens Barrichello's fastest time Last year by 0.162 seconds. Without blown diffuser. Raikkonen does not attach great importance to this: 'That may be due to the new tires.

Jenson Button mentions another reason:' We are comparing a car in the beginning of the blown diffuser with the current cars. Over the course of last year's season, we won three seconds just blowing the blow. We would have driven the car from Brazil a year ago in Jerez 1.17 times. '

Lotus can pull through the program

Back to Raikkonen and his sensational comeback. the one who handled it calmly was the driver himself. 'I started this first day without great expectations. We almost carried out our program and only took care of ourselves. 'Mark Webber was not scared by Raikkonen's best time:' Did something special happen today? Let's wait for Melbourne and then we'll talk to each other again. '

Raikkonen was satisfied with the new Pirelli tires:' The tires are clear progress. That also influenced my feeling for the car. 'Otherwise, the first working day for the 18-time GP winner was business as usual.' Nothing seemed unfamiliar to me. Actuallyit was like before. I already know KERS from Ferrari, and DRS is one more button on the steering wheel. '


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