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Kimi at Ferrari: Iceman drives his first simulator laps

Kimi at Ferrari
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K imi Räikkönen has survived his back surgery and the subsequent training . The 2007 world champion has been back in the Formula 1 cockpit since Monday (13.1.2013). However, the corresponding car is not on the real, but only on the virtual racetrack. Kimi drives his first laps in the Ferrari simulator with the new 2014 model.

At Lotus, the Finn had always refused the training laps in front of the screen. It seems to be different with Ferrari. The engineers in Maranello have scheduled him for a dry run for 3 days. Operating the new cars also forces an iceman to do the unpopular simulator training.

Räikkönen gets to know the 2014 Ferrari in the simulator

In 2014, for example, the familiar KERS boost button is no longer available. The computer also adjusts the brake balance to the respective charging mode of the batteries. And then, of course, Kimi first has to get used to the unusual steering wheel layout in the red racer. As is well known, he last sat in the Ferrari cockpit in the 2009 season.

'It's nice to be back at work,' said Kimi, commenting on his return to the factory. 'I've started to get used to all the new systems and processes that will be used this year. The simulator is really a great help here.'

As his engineers regularly report, Raikkonen still had never big problems adjusting to new steering wheel features and functions. Obviously, the time to get used to it was again short. 'There's a lot to do. But the effort for the driver is no different than before.'

Lunch with the new team

In addition to the technical side, the 34 year old is also about getting to know his new old team. Ferrari directly distributed a picture via Twitter showing the driver having lunch in a large group in the legendary Montana restaurant in Maranello. 'The days are a good opportunity to spend time here with the team and many friends,' said Kimi on his return.

Incidentally, the number 7 car also switched from Lotus to Ferrari with the driver. While many pilots came up with special justifications for choosing numbers, Kimi simply stated, 'There's no special story behind it. It's the same number as last year. I haven't seen any reason why I use it.'should change. I like her. That's good enough, isn't it? 'Even if he drives the simulator now, Kimi will probably never really change. And that's a good thing.


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