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Keke Rosberg trembles with son Nico: 'Last 2 laps hard'

Keke Rosberg trembles with son Nico Rosberg
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K less than 2 hours after crossing the finish line in Abu Dhabi it finally came to a family reunion. Nico Rosberg's mother Sina had followed the drive to the title together with Ms. Vivian in the Mercedes box. Keke Rosberg wanted to avoid the hustle and bustle of the paddock and watched the final from a safe distance.

See you again in the Mercedes garage

The 1982 world champion had a business meeting in the neighboring Emirate of Dubai . And so he followed the race on 3 monitors in peace. Normally, nothing can upset the 67-year-old that quickly. But even after the half-hour drive to the track, the old warhorse was still very upset. 'Now I need a cigar first,' joked Keke after his son's hussar ride.

l on winning the title in his improved tough duel. But the father doesn't believe that his filius has changed much. “You forget too quickly that he was here already in 2014 and could have become world champion. But it doesn't always work. Now it has worked, and that's a good thing. ”

Keke cannot understand that some Hamilton fans are talking about an undeserved title. “It's very easy in Formula 1. Whoever has the most points is world champion. Everything else does not matter. ”The father does not believe the son that he always drove for victory in the last races of the year. “He had to think about victory before qualifying. After that it was a new situation again. Of course, he then collected the points. He had to. ”


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