Kamui Kobayashi: Zero Defect Target for 2011

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What is your seasonal balance?
K amui Kobayashi: We had a lot of ups and downs, but overall it was a good season. At the beginning we had enormous problems, that was a really bad time. It was tough and it was difficult to get out of that situation because you can't test these days. Nevertheless, we were much stronger at the end of the season. The team has done a great job and I would like to thank everyone for their efforts.

In which area have you improved the most?
Kobayashi: In all areas. And so it has to be, especially with a newbie.

What was the best moment for you in the 2010 season?
Kobayashi: I think I had an interesting race in Japan. That was a very nice experience for me and the Japanese fans.

What was the worst experience?
Kobayashi: That was my self-inflicted accident on the first lap in Canada.

Do you have a secret recipe for overtaking?
Kobayashi: As a Japanese, I have very narrow eyes - I don't see the others.

... and seriously?
Kobayashi: If I think I can overtake, I'll just do it. That's all. No secret recipe.

What do you want to achieve in 2011?
Kobayashi: My personal goal is to make zero mistakes. For the team, I hope that we will have a good car and that we can regularly fight for points to improve our position in the world championship.

What are you going to do during the winter break?
Kobayashi: I have a few appointments in Japan, and I'll be back soon Abu Dhabi back for the opening ceremony of Ferrari World. I will also be on vacation in Bali for two weeks and of course I will train. But when it comes to fitness training, it helps that you have more time during the season these days. This continuity is also very important.

If you had one wish, what would it be?
Kobayashi: That's easy : In Japanese manga there is a kind of where-do-you-go-door. You decide where you want to go, go through that door and you're there. That would be great - I could have a nice house somewhere in the world, maybe onan island, and sleep there every night!


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