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Jost Capito in an interview about VW and McLaren

Interview with Jost Capito
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When you were hired by VW , you spoke of the offer of your life. Now at McLaren they say the same thing. Seems like you say that to everyone ...

C apito: That's me. That's exactly my trick.

Seriously: Why McLaren?

Capito : I've always been a huge Bruce McLaren fan. When I was a boy, almost all of my pocket money was spent on postage because I collected autographs from all the Formula 1 drivers. And I was just looking particularly at McLaren. I knew the McLaren book 'Teamwork' by heart forwards and backwards. When I started at Sauber, it helped a lot.

Why did Ron Dennis call you of all people?

Capito: Good question. I promptly asked him if he really wanted to do this to himself, to let a German lead his team. But what he answered, you have to ask him yourself.

When the news of your departure from VW became public, the first comments on the net were: The rats leave the sinking ship ...

Capito: What do you want to say?

Are there any signs that VW is pulling out at the end of the year?

Capito: First of all, you can't say that VW drops the sails at the end of the year. And secondly, the Diesel affair made my decision more difficult than easier.

How that?

Capito: I owe a lot to VW. In a sense, they put me in the position that I became interesting for McLaren.

If you take over a Formula 1 team today, it can be much worse than McLaren no longer come, right?

Capito: It always goes one level lower. But to be honest, that's exactly what attracts me. Taking over a successful team is not a challenge. If I hadn't become world champion with VW, I might have made a different decision.

You announced that you didn't want to leave before you didHave trained your successor. Didn't Ron Dennis hold the calendar up to you? The Grand Prix season begins at the end of March ...

Capito: He'll have to wait then. But I made that clear to him from the start.

When did you get the offer?

Capito: The talks started last summer.

Is it really true that there is no successor, or is it taking so long To incorporate Carlos Sainz?

Capito: Ideally, a Spanish double leadership with Sainz and Luis Moya. All jokes aside, that came from Spanish journalists. So far there is actually no one.

Back to a possible retreat: Is there really no evidence that VW could stop the World Rally Championship at the end of the year?

Capito: The only announcement I got from the board of directors was that we would go into the rally until at least the end of 2019. Well, that was not the current board of directors, but I did not receive any other information from them either.

In order to reduce the attack surface on the board of directors, you have a savings plan in the fall submitted. Has it been approved, or have you been forced to save even more?

Capito: In the past few years one has always seen in the finance department that we are sticking to our budgets. They know that we can be trusted, that we are not spending more money than necessary, but that we still have to make sure that we remain competitive. And the budget for the 2017 car has long been approved. And you want to drive with it until 2019.

Is it true that there will only be 5 test days for the current Polo?

Capito: Not 5 days, but 5 tests. After the Monte Carlo test there is a gravel test for Sweden on snow and a gravel test off Mexico, and that's almost it.

No test off Finland?

Capito: No.

aren't the drivers complaining? They can never test enough.

Capito: Oh, the drivers. I have them quite well under control.

Or are they just so docile because the bottom line is that they are mainly happy to still have a job?

Capito: For my drivers it was actually never in question that it would continue.

How about thatRest of the team? Are there already sales movements due to the rumors of withdrawal?

Capito: No. So far, everyone has stayed on board.

As far as your person is concerned, quite a few believed that you would collect 4 more world championship titles at VW and then perhaps become the board of directors will ...

Capito: Nope.

Maybe only then after the McLaren episode?

Capito: I think Team Principal at McLaren will be my last job. Although, I've already said that here at VW.


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