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Jo Bauer explains: This is how the FIA ​​controls the technology

An F1 weekend with Jo Bauer
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E s is an unfair duel between David and Goliath. 2,500 engineers from 11 teams think day and night about how they can test the regulations to their limits. The FIA ​​sends 10 technicians to check this. The car check is a full-time job that begins for Jo Bauer and his team on the Tuesday before each Grand Prix and ends 5 hours after the checkered flag.

auto motor und sport was allowed to appoint the chief technology commissioner accompany the FIA ​​over a GP weekend. The log shows that nothing is left to chance. And how complicated the sport has become. The material is brought to the Grand Prix in 3 trailers with offices, electronic measuring devices and a fuel laboratory, 3 support trucks with the scales and the measuring platform and 2 trucks for the motorhome.

Exactly the kilometers that each Drive unit has made. Then I go to the grid to check whether everyone is happy. Parc Fermé still applies. ”

The tire pressure checks begin in the last 5 minutes before the start of the formation lap. All tires must be mounted 3 minutes beforehand. “I leave the field a minute before the start. I follow the race on the scales and listen to the drivers and teams on the radio. ”

After the race, the drivers are weighed and the cars checked in the Parc Fermé. And all of them who were rated. Weighing, measuring, checking electronic data and taking fuel samples. The procedure takes around 3 hours. Then comes Bauer's report. The teams then have half an hour to protest.

If there are no complaints, the FIA ​​inspectors give the cars back to the teams. From then on the two-hour countdown starts in which all drive units must be sealed. During the power transmission, the seals are checked to see whether they are still there. It's the last job of a long weekend. 'If everything goes well, we'll be done 5 hours after crossing the finish line.'


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