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Jenson Button's secret favorite for 2013: Man for difficult races

Jenson Button secret favorite for 2013
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J enson Button won the first and the last race, and in between the GP Belgium. He won as many races as Fernando Alonso in 2012 and is still only fifth in the world championship. Because he had a hangover between Bahrain and Silverstone. With only seven championship points in six races. And because he wrote six clear rounds. That's not how you become world champion. Sebastian Vettel recorded three zeros, Fernando Alonso only two.

Button specialist for difficult races

In the overall standings Button came within two points of Lewis Hamilton. After losing the duel against his compatriot in 2010 and winning it in 2011, one could speak of a draw. In fact, Hamilton was the better McLaren driver this season. Button lost the training duel with 4:16. The comparison after victories with 3: 4. Hamilton also failed to score six times. Three times because of defects, three times because he was the victim of a collision. Button has to take two of his six zeros on his own. In Monte Carlo he collided with Heikki Kovalainen, and in Malaysia he squandered all chances when he took on Narain Karthikeyan. Ironically in a race that was tailor-made for a man who always wins in difficult conditions.

In seven of his 15 GP victories, Button has triumphed in mixed conditions. Hungary 2006, Malaysia 2009, Australia 2010, China 2010, Canada 2011, Hungary 2011 and Brazil 2012. It cannot be a coincidence. Button has gone. He doesn't get nervous in the phases when he doesn't have the fastest car, but waits until things get better again. He keeps track of things better than others when there is chaos on the track and when you have to decide which tires to use when. Next to Nico H├╝lkenberg, Button was the only one who had a nose for getting through the first rainy phase with slicks. A bit of luck is also involved, Button admits: 'In this weather you always have the feeling that you are on the wrong tire.'

Strengthen new Pirelli tires Button

You can't win a world championship with chaos races alone. Button stood in his own way in the middle part of the championship. The tire whisperer, of all people, did not understand the tires. 'I had a similar problem in the second half of the 2009 season.If I don't get the tires into their working window, I'll be lost. 'In the meantime, the 32-year-old Englishman believes he has deciphered the riddle.' At the end of the season we experimented a lot with setups and came up with interesting solutions like we did Bring tires in their window and hold them there too. The whole secret is the temperature. It must be exactly the same on the surface and inside the tire. If it is too high on the inside, too low on the outside, or vice versa, or both too high and both too low, nothing works. The art is to bring both in harmony. '

Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko sees Ferrari 2013 as the only competitor for Sebastian Vettel.' We have to be grateful to Niki Lauda that he brought Hamilton to Mercedes Has. So he has weakened Hamilton and McLaren. 'The Austrian ex-racing driver could have done the bill without the host. Jenson Button will be a serious opponent for Vettel and Alonso in 2013 if McLaren builds a good car as good as this year and its reliability problems The new generation of tires from Pirelli gives Button a stepping stone. Tire boss Paul Hembery: 'The new tires will heat up faster. This will make it easier to bring them into the work window. 'Exactly what Button, the man with the least steering movements, needs. Hembery continues.' The tires will also degrade faster. 'Button also plays this into the cards. His driving style is easy on the tires. The 2009 world champion could also be the 2013 world champion.


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