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Jenson Button: When is the end of the crisis in sight?

Jenson Button
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L ewis Hamilton first, Jenson Button 16. That was the sobering result of the GP Canada from Button's perspective. Two weeks later, the 2009 world champion was relaxed. 'Such low points don't kill me anymore. Five or six years ago it might have been different. But I've learned in my long career that you can always go through a crisis. And most of the time you come out stronger. Because you Learn more in bad times than in good times. '

Button still has title hopes

Jenson Button is not even writing off his title hopes. 'In this crazy season anything is still possible. I've scored two points in the last four races and am still only 43 points behind the championship leaders. For me everything is still possible. If I can turn the tide soon.'>
That's what matters at the European GP. McLaren and Button have to prove that the tire problems of the recent Grand Prix have been solved. 'Somehow the worm has been in there since Bahrain,' admits the Melbourne winner. He doesn't want to go into detail about what has changed in the car or in the set-up since that race. 'Since then, the rear of the car has felt different.'

Incorrect set-up in Canada

In Montreal, the tire whisperer struggled with a problem that he normally never had Has. 'The rear tires were grainy after three laps. I had to stop three times, the wear was so high. I was anything but aggressive.'

According to Button, the team recognized the mistakes in Montreal and corrected them. 'It was because I couldn't drive on Friday and it was also because we chose the wrong set-up because of this problem.'

Same strategy as Hamilton in Valencia

Unfortunately, Montreal's problems have nothing to do with the difficulties that had given him unsolvable tasks in previous races. The tires didn't want to get up to temperature quickly enough. “We don't have all the answers to our questions yet.”

Under these circumstances, wouldn't it be best to bring the car back to the level of the first three races? 'If only it were that easy,' Button shakes his head. 'The car has changed a lot since then. We can't just take over the set-ups that worked in the first few races.'

Being Lewis HamiltonHas apparently solved the tire puzzle, Button will first orient himself to his team-mate in Valencia. 'I'll start Friday practice with a setup similar to Lewis.'


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