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Jenson Button saves McLaren: one-stop race with eight seconds loss of time

Jenson Button saves McLaren
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I m training the McLaren-Mercedes were a disappointment. Neither Jenson Button nor Sergio Perez made it into the top ten. Button blamed Marussia driver Jules Bianchi for getting stuck in Q2. The new front wing brought three tenths, but that was not enough to keep up with Red Bull, Lotus, Mercedes, Ferrari and Sauber.

In the race, Button went backwards for the time being. The Englishman was hit on the front wing by Adrian Sutil. The Force India pilot had to avoid the spinning Felipe Massa. Actually, the damage to the end plate would not have made it necessary to replace the wing, but because of the changed airflow around the front wheels, the brake temperatures quickly rose into the red zone.

After four laps, Button was in the pits and got four new tires and a new nose in 6.9 seconds. That was probably a world record for such an action.

Button drove a disguised one-stop race

The early pit stop threw all tactical considerations overboard. Button now had to complete 51 laps with two sets of medium tires. 'It was practically a one-stop race,' reported team boss Martin Whitmarsh. Unlike in training, the McLaren suddenly went without any problems on the harder compound. And that although McLaren had to give its driver the old front wing on the trip, which did not match the rest of the car.

'The balance was much better than in qualifying,' praised Button. He lasted 18 laps on the second set of tires and 33 laps on the third. The second pit stop did not go in the ideal time either. 'First came green, then red on the pit lights. That's why I stopped for a moment, looked in the rearview mirror to see if everything was okay, and only then accelerated again.'

The action took 3.5 seconds. Button spent a total of 52.894 seconds in the pit lane. For comparison: Fernando Alonso's pit time was 45.015 seconds, Lewis Hamilton's 44.521 seconds.

Button manages 33 instead of 20 laps

Despite all these handicaps, Jenson Button came still in the points. The last laps were torture. 'I couldn't defend myself against Rosberg. His tires were six laps fresher. My right front tire had absolutely nothing left on the last lap. After I was through the grain phase, it didTires just lost rubber. At some point the whole tread was rubbed off. I drove on raw eggs. '

The stamina deserves respect when you consider that Pirelli had published the route to not drive more than 20 laps with the medium tires. The right front tire, Button's team-mate Sergio Perez flew around the ears, was only 21 laps old. It was enough to pull the tread off the carcass with one brake. This showed Buttons all the experience. Although he was constantly involved in tackles, he also spared his Tires.


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