Jenson Button: Gas-stunned and robbed

Assault on Jenson Button
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E s sounds like a story from Hollywood, what Jenson Button during happened during his summer vacation in the south of France. Thieves are said to have channeled an anesthetic gas through the air conditioning into the Englishman's villa and robbed the sleeping victims. This is reported by the English Sun.

Burglars rob Jenson Button

'This is a well-known ploy used by criminals to rob expensive properties in the area without being disturbed', a source from the Buttons environment is quoted. 'Jenson is sure that it was the same with him. The intruders were in the same room as he and his wife Jessica (Michibata).'

Also 3 other friends did not notice anything of the intruders in the house. They all woke up a little dazed the next morning and were shocked to see that the house was being searched. 'That was a terrible experience - to know that the burglars were in the same room with you.'

Thieves steal expensive jewelry

The thieves stole valuable jewelry, including the 5-carat engagement ring from Buttons Frau. This alone is said to have had a value of around 350,000 euros. In total, the damage should amount to just under 450,000 euros. Much more important: All victims of the break-in survived the attack without injuries.

Incidentally, it was not the first time that Jenson Button was targeted by robbers. In 2010 the Briton barely escaped an armed attack at the Formula 1 race in Sao Paulo. At that time, 6 men approached the pilot's car with submachine guns. Thanks to the chauffeur's quick reaction, the armored limousine was able to get away from it all in heavy traffic.


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