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Jenson Button: & # 34; Heat is not our best friend & # 34;

Jenson Button
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E there is still a chance. 'A tiny one,' says Jenson Button. The winner of the Belgian GP speaks of the world championship. Button was out of the title race three races ago. He scored seven points in six Grand Prix. Most recently there were 51 in three races. More than any other driver in the field. 'If I still want to compete for the World Championships, I have to continue this style.'

Lotus as favorite

Spa was a fast track. Monza is even faster. Is that a good indication that the McLaren will also set the tone in Monza? Button doubts. He points to the weather forecast, which announces three days of summer: 'The heat has not been our best friend so far. There could be problems with the tire temperatures again.' The engineers are more optimistic. 'Our biggest opponent here will be Red Bull,' predicts one from the technology office. 'I'm more afraid that it will be Lotus,' replied Button. 'They are always good in the heat.'

Nevertheless, there is a small hope in the tire. For safety reasons, Pirelli uses the same mixtures as in Spa: medium and hard. And the Italian tire manufacturer leaves it with the thinner treads. This protects against overheating, even if it is only 0.3 millimeters. 'I get along better with the tires with thinner treads,' reveals Button. Sure, the tread moves less. This is better for buttons precise driving style.

More than just a formula for success

Monza has mutated into a normal racetrack in recent years. It used to be all about top speed. 'But since I raced a Hungarian grand piano here in 2010 and finished second, and since Vettel won with a very short seventh gear last year, we have known that there is more than one formula for success for Monza. Now it depends on to choose the right one. '


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