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Japanese GP 2015 (Practice 2): Rain washes Red Bull forward

GP Japan 2015 (result training 2)
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V 12 months ago Jules Bianchi had in the rain von Suzuka had his serious accident. It seemed like the sky was still crying. Because of the persistent rainfall, the brave fans in the stands were only offered a stripped-down program. Hardly any team took unnecessary risks on a wet track. Protect engines, prevent take-offs was the motto.

In the first practice session, the fans saw some action, especially in the second half of the session. In the afternoon the drivers got off to a promising start. But parallel to the increasing rain in the second half, activity on the track decreased.

Ferrari on the road a lot, Bottas not at all

More than half of the drivers stayed in the single-digit lap range. Valtteri Bottas even completely dispensed with test kilometers. The Finn wanted to save himself the limited rain tires, in case it gets wet on Saturday or Sunday, was Williams' excuse.

The picture at Ferrari was completely different. With 19 and 16 laps respectively, the red cars clearly gave the fans the best show. The Scuderia duo did not take too much risk. In the less informative time table, Vettel and Räikkönen only found themselves in 5th and 6th place.

The two Red Bulls and Mercedes were a tad faster. Daniil Kvyat set the fastest time in 1: 48.277 minutes. Only 23 thousandths behind, Nico Rosberg had to be content with second place. The slightly larger gaps between Lewis Hamilton (+ 0.576) in 3rd position and Daniel Ricciardo (+ 0.820) in 4th place show that the conditions were not representative.

Next question mark at Mercedes

Mercedes in particular had hoped for dry conditions. The engineers wanted to make sure that Singapore's mysterious tire problems were ticked off. Now the fans of the Silver Arrows have to wait a little longer until the technicians give the all-clear. At least the ailing Monza engine could be tested by Rosberg. Problems were not found.

Friday did not yet provide any information about the balance of power on dry slopes. We don't expect Red Bull to be quite as strong on slicks. In the rain, the bulls were able to use their downforce advantage. The weather report predicts a little improvement for the rest of the weekend. It should stay cloudy. But the precipitation should stop at some point.

Fans sit in the rain

'I really hope it will be dry. We couldn't learn much today. It was just way too damp, 'complained Hamilton afterwards. 'I had aquaplaning all the time. It was just about keeping the risk low. We practiced a few starts and covered a few kilometers. It's just a shame for the fans, of whom so many were there today, that they so few of the cars. '

Team-mate Rosberg was not dissatisfied despite the rain:' The car actually felt pretty good. Red Bull is fast in the rain. We were ahead of Ferrari. But looks on a dry track It looks completely different. We reinstalled the Monza engine for the first time today. It ran the whole day without any problems. That's a good sign. '

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