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Jaime Alguersuari: & # 34; Schumacher not the king of Formula 1 & # 34;

Jaime Alguersuari on Schumi
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M ichael Schumacher is back in Brazil. Almost four years ago he contested the last Formula 1 race here before he retired. A lot has changed in the premier class since then. The first day of training reminded the record world champion once again that the new Formula 1 generation shows no respect for past successes.

Shortly before the end of the session, Schumacher wanted to pass Toro Rosso youngster Jaime Alguersuari. But instead of waving the faster Silver Arrow by, the 20-year-old Spaniard drove the battle line. It happened the way it had to. Both cars collided while Schumi pulled inside. When the German was already over, the record champion braked briefly and the two Formula 1 generations touched each other again.

Alguersuari: 'I just fought back'

'I don't blame him,' said the youngest Formula 1 driver in the direction of the oldest. 'He was a bit faster and braked on the outside. I just didn't want to let him take the position and put up a fight. That was actually it.' The youngster easily sees that Schumacher then let him play. 'He was certainly not happy that we touched. But he is also not the king of Formula 1 and I just wanted to show that,' said Alguersuari confidently.

Michael Schumacher did not want to comment on the situation . 'He just wanted to say hello to me,' scoffed the seven-time champion, who hadn't met Alguersuari for the first time this season on the track. In addition to the trouble with the youngster, there was also trouble with the car.

Schumacher not satisfied with Mercedes-Speed ​​

'I would have wished and expected it a little differently,' complained Schumacher after the first two test sessions. 'If you look at the last races, the gap is a bit bigger here. We're just not doing that well. Compared to Sauber, the soft tire didn't bring us so many advantages.'

Am But that can change again on Saturday. If one can believe the predictions, then the German rain god will probably get the desired wet weather. But too much is not good either. 'It can rain very heavily here,' Schumacher knows from experience. 'Aquaplaning is then an issue. But you also have to say that the track has improved significantly. How the measures against aquaplaning are noticeablewe will see on Saturday. Of course, rain is always a small lottery. This is certainly not a welcome change, especially for those who are fighting for the World Cup. '


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