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Italian GP 2012 (race analysis): Could Perez have won?

GP Italy 2012 (race analysis)
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Could Sergio Perez have won?

S o some people wondered if Sergio Perez could have won too. At the finish, the Sauber driver was 4.356 seconds short of winner Lewis Hamilton. Perez even collected five laps in the lead. However, this was due to his strategy of starting on hard tires and stopping later. The Mexican really got going with soft tires. In the meantime, Perez was two seconds faster than Hamilton with his slightly fresher medium tires. But Sauber did not believe in a victory either.

'Hamilton slowed down in between and then turned it up again with seven laps to go,' said Sauber team manager Beat Zehnder. 'I think we had the fastest car in the end, but we were too far away.' According to Zehnder, an earlier first stop would not have helped, because the tires would have collapsed in the second stint. Even managing director Monisha Kaltenborn does not want to speculate about a possible victory. 'The way it was, it was spot on,' she says.

Why was Jean Eric Vergne flying through the air?

On lap nine, some spectators paused breath. Jean Eric Vergne's Toro Rosso flew through the air like a bullet. At the end of the start and finish straight, he braked the first chicane on the outside, took off on the Kers and flew through the air. Vergne himself couldn't explain this strange flight.

'I was taken to the medical center after the accident,' says the Frenchman. 'But apart from back pain and headaches, I'm fine. I don't know why I had the accident. I can only remember losing control of the rear of my car when I brake. I got a hard hit felt when the car landed again after taking off. The notch is very high at this point and I can count myself lucky that I didn't roll over. '

Does Felipe Massa have his teammates Fernando Alonso let by voluntarily?

When Fernando Alonso stuck in the rear of Felipe Massa from lap 30, many remembered the situation from the 2010 season in Hockenheim, when Massa had to let Alonso go. Stall orders are no longer prohibited. Still, some fans felt sorry for the Brazilian, who was on course for the podium. Over the radio, his race engineer Rob Smedley announced: 'Remember how you use your tiresbypassed. Think about how you handle your tires. Fernando is behind you. '

Massa knows exactly what his position on the team is. He's not rebellious, but drives for Alonso when need be.' We all know how important this is for that Team is, 'said Massa.' And we all know where I am in the championship. I worked for the team and tried to help Fernando - as it should be. I have always done it and will always do it when it is necessary. '

The question arises anyway whether Alonso would not have overtaken Massa in one way or another Took a little longer if he had defended himself. Massa struggled with the severe wear of the tires.

Why did Mark Webber park the car after the spin?

Mark Webber did a pirouette on lap 50. The Australian was tenth at the time. A lap earlier he had already lost three places. 'Towards the end of the race, my rear tires were over and I had to push hard. Then Nico Rosberg got on his fresh tire and I had to stick with it to get a few more points. Maybe I shouldn't have pushed so much. The rear tires were completely worn out, 'said Webber.

He spun in the Ascari chicane, but managed not to hit. However, the tires were so angular afterwards that he was afraid of damaging the car 'Mark had strong vibrations on the car, so we decided not to take any chances and park the car', explains team principal Christian Horner.


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