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It will be tight for Romain Grosjean: Trembling until the GP Mexico

It's getting tight for Romain Grosjean
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I in the Formula 1 drivers' championship Romain Grosjean is in 14th place with 27 points. The HaasF1 driver leads the FIA's list of sinners with 9 points. 'I would prefer Romain collect the points on the track,' jokes team boss Guenther Steiner. Things are getting tight for Grosjean. If he has 12 points, he has to stop a race. The next penalty points only expire at the GP Mexico. “Romain will have to drive a little more carefully for the next three races,” announced Steiner. His driver is surprised: “I was fined four times last year. I can't even remember three of these penalties. ”

You got three points quickly. Like in Singapore. In severe cases, ignoring the blue flags will be punished severely. There are three points at once. Grosjean finds this penalty disproportionately high. “I'm sorry for Lewis. I didn't mean to block him. But it's not that easy to get out of the way quickly when you are in combat yourself. During a night race, the view to the rear isn't great either. I only reacted after eleven mini-sectors. It took Lewis time, but it didn't change the result. He still won. ”

Race without blue flags better

Grosjean doesn't want to take his foot off the accelerator despite the tricky situation. “I'll make sure I'm not doing a stupid thing. But we need every point as a team. For that I have to give everything and I can't drive more carefully. ”Guenther Steiner thinks the blue flag system is counterproductive. “It would be much better for the races if, as in the IndyCar series, we completely do without blue flags. That would make the races a lot more exciting and unpredictable. Blue flags only reward the riders at the top according to the motto: The rich get even richer. ”

Grosjean wouldn't go that far. “The big problem is that we have six cars that are two to three seconds faster than the rest. That's why the rest of us see blue flags halfway through the race. Then, when you are behind a car in Singapore that is six seconds slower, like me, you get into situations like this. If the cars in the field were closer together, these problems would not even arise. ”After all, there is good news for the 32-year-old Swiss by choice. His contract will be renewed. “We know more in Japan,” says Grosjeanmeaningful.


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